The Most Extraordinary Diet and Health Lessons of 2012

I figured it would be fun to have a recap of all the diet myths we have uncovered, best food ideas, and other helpful tips shared this year on Diet Blog.

Set Point Theory May Be to Blame If You Can’t Lose Weight

The set point theory is the idea that the body tends to maintain a certain weight without much difficulty. Is this stopping your weight loss and what steps can you take to overcome it?

Why Alternate Day Dieting is Disastrous

Alternate Day Dieting consists of high calorie days and low calorie days. It seems like a good method to lose weight , but could be disastrous for some.

Eat The Foods You Love Diet

Have you ever thought about eating everything that you want to and still being able lose weight?

Diet-Free For Life: Get off the Roller Coaster

For many people who’ve been on countless diets in the past, the same old yo-yo dieting cycle gets a bit tired after a while.

Sprinkle Crystals on Your Food and Lose Weight

Is it just me, or are diet aids getting more and more weird?

The Twinkie Diet: Lose Weight By Eating Junk Food

It’s been dubbed “the Twinkie diet” by the media: Mark Haub, a professor in Kansas State University’s Department of Human Nutrition, has been surviving on junk food for the past month.

4 Ways to Restart Your Diet

Most dieters don’t succeed first time.

5 Dieting Excuses You Can Beat Today

Are you putting off getting started on a healthy diet?

What To Do If You Mess Up Your Diet

It’s a situation familiar to many a hardened dieter.

Do Diets Work?

In the US, over a third of the population are considered not just overweight but obese.