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The No-Bread Diet: Common Sense or Fad?

Some swear that cutting out breads was the key to their weight loss. However, it may not be that simple. A no bread diet may work if these things are considered.

Debunking The Dukan Diet

Is the low fat, low carb, high protein diet that the Dukan Diet promotes healthy and will the weight loss be long term?

The Gracie Diet: Do Meal Spacing and Food Combining Work?

The Gracie family are well known for their achievements in Martial Arts.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Lots of Diet Books

Ever felt a sense of deja vu when you are reading the latest diet book?

Special K Diet: Cereal for Weight Loss?

The Special K Diet involves eating Special K Cereal for breakfast then more for lunch OR dinner for 2 weeks. We outline the diet, risks, and results expected.