What Real Barbie Would Look Like

Here’s what a normal 19 year old American woman would really look like as a Barbie Doll.


Should A 7 Year Old Be Worried About Dieting?

A mother of a seven year old recently found this note in her daughter’s room when she was cleaning. This little Australian girl has clearly gotten the idea that she needs to diet.


12 Last Minute Healthy Halloween Choices

Every time Halloween season comes around many of us worry about our sugar intake. I have compiled a list and pics of some healthy choices for the season.

How to Talk to Kids about Weight Loss

Many patients I have are also concerned about how to talk to their kids about weight and diet. My answer is a resounding don’t. Use these strategies instead.

Vegan is Love: Veganism Children’s Book

Vegan is Love is a new children’s book that promotes veganism to kids. While eating more plants is healthy, the book uses some tactics that are somewhat questionable.

Healthy Diets For Kids: Parents Lead by Example?

There’s no doubt many parents are concerned about their children’s eating habits.

healthy snacks for kids

20 Healthy Snack Ideas For Children

20 easy yet healthy snacks for kids. Great before school, in lunch boxes, and after school.


How Many Calories in a School Lunch?

School lunch historically has been a high calorie, low quality meal for hungry students. What’s being done to improve this and how many calories should they contain?

Nine Healthy Snacks For Kids (And You!) While Traveling

It can be difficult to eat healthily whilst traveling, especially when you have kids who need regular snacks.

How Much Does Barbie Weigh?

Who knows and who really cares?

Diet Pills For Kids

How young is to young to be on diet pills like Xenical? Doctors in some countries are prescribing the pill for 12 year olds.