Why Granola is Not a Health Food

Many turn to crunchy granola for breakfast or for a snack but it’s really not as healthy as many are led to believe.

Special K Cereal: True Health Revealed

Kellogg’s Special K Cereal is marketed as a healthy cereal that will help you reduce calories and lose weight. Is it really a healthy addition to your low calorie diet or are there better options?

Muesli Fusion All-Natural Raw Cereal: Put to the Test

A review of Muesli Fusion, an all-natural cereal available in the USA. How does it taste and how nutritious are Muesli Fusion’s ingredients?

Kids Cereal: Popular = Unhealthy

Okay, so we probably didn’t need a study to prove this one, but nonetheless a recent analysis of 161 brands of cereals came to 2 unsurprising conclusions:

Breakfast cereals meant for children are of poorer nutritional quality than those marketed towards adults
Cereals marketed the most heavily had the poorest nutritional quality


Fast Food Cereal Restaurants

Cereality is a cereal bar plus cafe.