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Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich: Will You Try it?

Dunkin Donuts is rolling out it’s Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. How many calories are in it?

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Can You Really Eat More to Lose More?

Does eating more help you lose more? Will eating more times a day be the key to weight loss? Here are the answers to those dieting myths.

Do Restaurant Calorie Displays Help You Make a Healthy Choice?

Research has said that restaurant calorie displays do not impact our choices substantially. Is this true for everyone and if not, how does it help?

5 Calorie Slashes to Lose 1 Pound a Week

Cutting back just 500 calories a day can help you lose a pound a week. Here’s 5 places to make the calorie budget cuts.

Do You Understand True Portion Sizes?

We have been told repeatedly that portion sizes of many restaurant foods are too large.

400 Calorie Fix

Prevention Editor-in-Chief Liz Vaccariello (remember the Flat Belly Diet?) is back with the 400 Calorie Fix.

How Much Food is 100 Calories?

What does 100 calories look like? Here are some pictures of common foods divided into one hundred calorie portions.

Calories or Insulin: Which is Worse for the Waistline?

Control calories or control insulin…

How Many Calories Does Michael Phelps Eat?

How many calories does it take to fuel the Michael Phelps swimming machine? Does extreme exercise justify eating whatever unhealthy foods you want?

What is a Calorie?

What is the definition of a Calorie, how do you calculate your daily needs, and how many calories should you consume?

10 Easy Food Swaps to Lose Pounds Without Trying

If you can cut five hundred calories a day, you’ll lose a pound every week – or so the theory goes.