Ripped Santa

Santa Gets Ripped Just In Time For Christmas

We present Santa 2.0! The new improved ripped version of St. Nick.

Are Some People Addicted to Protein Supplements?

I was recently away for the weekend with some friends and I was amazed at how many times they mentioned the need for their protein shake.

The Rise of the Gym Through History

The gym has changed a lot over the years since it was invented by the ancient greeks. What can we learn from the past and what should definitely be left behind?

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Why You Should Never Take Steroids, and the Kind of Man That Does

Steroids are not only illegal, they are also very dangerous – and should only be used under medical supervision.

Are Muscular Men More Attractive?

Are women really more attracted to muscular men? Your gym membership may be more valuable then you think.

Bodybuilding: The New Form of Drug Abuse

Once upon a time bodybuilding was about lifting weights, good nutrition, and attaining good muscular symmetry and form.

Flabby Arnold: Inspirational

Once muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned a bit flabby according to pictures circulating on the internet. Is his humaness inspirational?

Male Body Image – Obsessed With Muscles?

The current issue of the Harvard Gazette has a superb article about a study into the Western male’s obsession with muscles.

Can An Ectomorph Get Fat?

Skinny guys or ectomorphs may have trouble gaining weight, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get fat.