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As If You Needed 5 More Reasons to Eat More Chocolate

Tis the season of chocolate eating! Here’s a great video that discusses 5 healthy facts about the chemicals contained in chocolate.

God Save The Bees, Their Pollen May Save Us

Honey bees are dying around the world and this is tragic since the pollen they collect has a lot of health properties. Many have been using bee pollen for years to treat health conditions and here’s why.


Pomegranates: Healthiest Holiday Fruit!

Pomegranates are one of the healthiest foods available. Find out how they benefit your health as well as how to include them in your diet.

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Super Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System

Can specific foods really help improve the immune system, or prevent you from getting sick? There are a few key foods that are “super foods” for the immune system.

Black Rice: The Only Rice You Should Buy?

Black rice is gaining popularity because of its antioxidants. How much nutrition does it have, what does it taste like, and how can it be eaten?

What are Plant Phytochemicals?

You may have read health articles discussing phytochemicals and how they are so good for you.

Dried Fruit: Health Food or Sugary Treat?

Dried fruit is still fruit.

Is Matcha Healthier Than Steeped Green Tea?

Matcha has been around for centuries in Japan, but over the last couple of years it’s been gaining popularity in the west.

Acai Berry Diet: Miracle or Hype?

One of the newest so called “super foods” has found its way out of the deep, dark parts of the rain forest and now is available to work miracles for your health.

How Colorful is Your Plate?

One piece of dieting advice that I especially like – because it’s fun and easy – is to eat fruits and vegetables of all colors of the spectrum.

6 Essential Steps to Building a Healthy Immune System

With cold and flu season gearing up why not start boosting your immune system with the foods you eat.

Tomatoes: Nutrition and Tips to Eat Them

Tomatoes are such a versatile and healthy fruit!