Losing Weight is Easy, I Made it Complicated

10 principles to lose weight
It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds, until I learned these 10 principles.

5 Great Reasons to Get on Your Bicycle

I didn't realize that there even was a Bike to Work Week. Here are some great reasons to give biking to work or biking in general a try.

Pole Dancing Fitness on Steroids!

This isn't your mother's pole dancing class! MALLA Hollywood Workout HIIT Program burns 490 calories in just 30 minutes using a specially designed pole.

DietBet Review: Betting On Weight Loss

DietBet allows you to bet money on your own weight loss. I decided to try it and chose the largest pot. Did I win?

Has Dr. Oz Lost All Credibility?

Since Dr Oz promotes supplements and quick weight loss diets has he lost all credibility as an expert?

Vegan Before 6 But Then Kill All The Animals You Want?

Vegan Before 6 or VB6 is an all plant based diet before six, but after six the dieter can eat all the animals he/she wants.

Rapid Waist Reduction Diet: No More Toxic Belly Fat?

The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet by Don Colbert, MD is designed to get rid of toxic belly fat, which in turn, reduces waist size and overall weight. Can this method really work?

Top 10 Habits That Keep Women Fat-The Real Skinny

The Real Skinny was recently published by the bloggers at Appetite For Heath. In this book they compiled The Top 101 Fat Excuses that they have received from their readers over the years.