What Real Barbie Would Look Like

Here's what a normal 19 year old American woman would really look like as a Barbie Doll.
ultra-processed foods

Ultra-Processed Foods are the True Killers

Processed foods with 1 to 3 ingredients aren't likely to cause harm, it's the products with 10 to 20+ that should cause alarm.

Does Coffee Curb Your Appetite?

New research out of Griffith University in Australia is finding that coffee is an effective appetite suppressant among their study participants.

2 Day Diet: Is That Really Enough?

The 2-Day Diet is simple: For two consecutive days each week you follow a calorie-controlled diet. The rest of the week you will eat a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Butter Coffee: Promotes Weight Loss?

Butter coffee- Brewed coffee blended with 80 grams of butter as a way to give people energy and promote weight loss?

Toilet Candy: Only in Japan!

This has to be the most ridiculous way to eat candy I have ever seen in my life! Foaming toilet candy none-the-less!

Omni Diet: Nutrition, Weight Loss and Health

The Omni Diet is the result of her ten-year search to understand the relationship between nutrition, weight loss and health.

What Really Makes You Fat: Bacon or a Bagel?

What really makes a person fat? fat or carbs -or- is it a bit more complicated?