Eat Resistant Starches If You Must Have Your Carbs

Resistant starch is exactly what it sounds like—it resists being digested right away. I will explain to you how you can eat these starches while still losing weight!

Salt Sugar Fat: Are You a Slave to Food Giants?

Salt Sugar Fat is a provocative new book by pulitzer prize winner Michael Moss. Multinational food giants keep the western world fat by filling their food products with salt, sugar, and fat.

Diet Milk: Coming Soon to the Dairy Isle Near You!

Diet milk will be a reality If the members of The International Dairy Foods Association have their way! What will be in this new dairy beverage?

Who Wants to Reduce Heart Disease Risk by 30%? The Mediterranean Diet Wins Again

A recent study has brought new acclaim for the Mediterranean Diet by reducing heart disease risk by 30%. But does it lead to weight loss?

Top 5 Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Diet

Day after day I have patients cry out about the numerous sabotages to their diet. Here are the top 5 and what you can do to keep them from ruining your progress.

Yet Another Reason to Never Eat Fast Food

As if we needed more reasons to never eat fast food, right? Check out what this KFC employee was caught doing to the mashed potatoes!
fermented food

Fermented Food: It’s Good for You!

Fermented food improves digestion, strengthens your immune system, and much more. Are you eating enough?

Eat Fat to Lose Fat? A Carb-Lover Goes Primal Part 3

Eat fat to lose fat? But, fat is bad. Not according to the primal diet. The weight loss rules have changed and I'm adjusting.