Betting on Weight Loss: A Blogger Tries DietBet

Bethany tries DietBet as motivation to lose weight. Will it work? Read the beginning of her journey here.

How Theresa Lost 276 Pounds and Changed Her Life

The inspiring story of Theresa, who had a dramatic weight loss of 276 pounds and changed her life forever.
paula den french fries

Paula Deen Still Eats French Fries

Paula Deen may have lost 40 pounds, but she hasn't given up her favorite guilty pleasure -- french fries.

The Mediterranean Diet Can Save You Money

Want to save a little on this month's food budget? The Mediterranean Diet might just help you pinch a few pennies at the grocery store.

Get Your Buffet On with Gluttony Pants!

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The Body Reset Diet

The Body Reset Diet is the latest diet from celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. What's it all about?

What Kills 180,000 People Each Year Worldwide?

Researchers studying world disease data from 2010 formulated that 180,000 people died from diseases that can directly be related to this common food.

We’d Love Your Feedback: Take Our Short Survey and Win Jamie Oliver’s Newest Book

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