8 Ways to Eat More Fiber – and 4 Reasons Why You Should

Fiber is a crucial part of any diet especially if your goal is weight loss. The benefits are many and here are some foods to choose.

Fiber: What is it and Why you need it

Let’s talk roughage…

Sugarest: Does it Really Block Sugar?

Sugarest is a tablet based on the Indian herb Gymnema sylvestre.

NV Weight Loss Pill: Hollywood’s Diet Pill?

NV (envy) Weight loss pill is marketed as Hollywood’s diet pill endorsed by Holly Madison. What’s in it and will this supplement work?

The Indian Appetite Suppressant

What is all the fuss about appetite suppressants?

Pine Nuts: Appetite Suppressant?

New research shows that oil from Korean pine nuts may suppress appetite.

Herbalife: What’s The Deal?

Herbalife has been around for over 30 years, but some of their marketing practices call them into question as to whether or not their products are effective and legitimate.

Do Vitamin Pills Really Work?

The International Herald Tribune presents an interesting piece on the value of vitamin pills.

Oprah, Dr Perricone, and Green Tea

In late 2004, an episode featuring Dr Nigel Perricone aired on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Xenical Ads Offend

Over the past few weeks a series of adverts have been appearing in Canada:
“…in bus shelters, on billboards, on television and in newspapers across the country – showing already slender women wishing they were thinner so that they could wear their bikinis, or strip tease for their husband, or wear that little black dress – if only they could lose a few pounds!”The campaign is called Julie’s Story — and the ads make no reference to the product they are advertising – which turns out to be the prescription diet pill Xenical (Orlistat).Here is a description of one ad:
“I Am Julie.