Amino Acid Supplementation for Weight Loss?

Glutamine, carnitine, tryptophan, phenylalanine all sound like scientific and potent chemicals.

What in the World is Irvingia Gabonensis Supplement?

The wonders of TV never cease to amaze me.

Quick Trim: Popular Diet Supplement Review

Quick Trim has become internationally popular in the last year thanks to the popular celebrity endorsement of the Kardashian sisters.

Study: Which Supplements Failed to Bring Weight Loss?

This just in – you still have to work hard to lose fat!

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I’m not sure what to make of this, but for a number of months now, Jillian Michaels has been pushing her own line of weight loss supplements.

Licorice May Help Cut Body Fat

Flickr: niznoz

Thank grandma for reaching into her enormous purse and handing out licorice candies.

Turmeric Extract for Weight Loss?

If Johnnie Cochran were alive today, he may have put it this way, “Weight loss in a hurry?

Chewing Gum Helps Control Appetite and Weight

Flickr: txkimmersWe’ve all heard someone say it.

Resveratrol: Fountain of Youth or Waste of Money

Red wine drinkers have been toasting to better health and longer life with all of the news pieces on the miracle that is resveratrol – a component of red grape skin and some other fruits.

Acai Berry Diet: Miracle or Hype?

One of the newest so called “super foods” has found its way out of the deep, dark parts of the rain forest and now is available to work miracles for your health.

Tesofensine: New Miracle Weight Loss Drug?

Weight loss drugs have been something of a flop.

Which Supplements Actually Work?

Lately I’ve been trying to feel better so I’ve been eating a lot of vitamins…