Oils and Fats

Eat Fats and NOT get Fat? Yes, you can still eat plenty of fats and lose weight. However, the trick to this is the sticking to the right types of fat

Top 5 Healthiest Nut Butters in the Universe

Nut (and seed) butters are a popular “health” food right now for their healthy fats. In my opinion, here are the 5 that rank the healthiest among the nut butters.

Walnuts: The Healing Nut

Some people continue to avoid nuts, including walnuts, due to the higher calorie and fat content. But, here I will tell you why you should never avoid the walnut.

Melt: A Healthier Butter Spread?

Melt buttery spread is marketed as a healthy alternative to butter but does it really lack the inflammatory oils found in most spreads?

Lose 7 Pounds by Ditching Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is delicious, but it’s also loaded with calories. Using these tips to cut back could help you lose up to 7 pounds a year.

7 Trans Fat Containing Food Groups Exposed

Despite new health regulations, trans fat can still be included in some foods. We expose which foods need to be examined closely before eating.

Whipped Butter: Save 18,250 Calories a Year

All natural butter may be the best choice for a healthy diet and whipped butter can be even better for those who are watching calories.

Omega-6 Fat: Is It Really That Deadly?

Even non-hydrogenated vegetable oils, high in omega-6 fatty acids can have devastating health effects if consumed in large quantities.

Grape Seed Oil: Healthy or Just Hype?

Over the last few years, grape seed oil has become popular as a dietary supplement and for its use in cooking.

Are Spray Butters a Healthy Choice?

Spray butters have always been a mystery to me.

Omega 3: How We’re Being Deceived

Have you noticed how many products have Omega 3 added?

7 Simple Ways to Eat More Omega 3

Omega 3 is essential for good health, but many do not consume enough. Here’s how you can get more of this healthy fat in your diet.