Men and Weight Loss

The Tug Toner: Pull Your Way to a Perfect Body

Introducing The Tug Toner, a device that will finally give you the results you’ve been looking for and deliver good times while using it.

Trainer Gets Fat to Inspire Fat Clients

Blush PhotographyGeez, some people will go a long way for their craft.

More Male Athletes Getting Body Image Disorders

Flickr: mrflipYou got to wonder.

Men: Do You Really Want Big Muscles?

There is a common thread in many male transformation stories.

Fat Men in Speedos: Why on Earth?

Fat men seem to have no hesitation in wearing a speedo at the beach. Why does this cultural anomaly exist and what do you think about it?

5 Myths About Men and Women

In the world of the diet industry – it seems that men are the next big “pot of gold”.

Bodybuilding: The New Form of Drug Abuse

Once upon a time bodybuilding was about lifting weights, good nutrition, and attaining good muscular symmetry and form.

Six Pack Abs: Reality Check

While flicking through the TV channels, I had the misfortune to come across a fitness infomercial.

Flabby Arnold: Inspirational

Once muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned a bit flabby according to pictures circulating on the internet. Is his humaness inspirational?