How to Eat Healthier

Simple Steps to Pack a Healthy Lunch

We all know that bringing a lunch everyday will save us calories and money, but it is all about sticking to it and making healthy choices.

Tips to Read Food Labels Wisely

Do you ever feel lost when it comes to choosing foods in the grocery store?

Eating Mindfully Can Assist Weight Loss

Many are always trying to follow a certain diet for weight loss, but we often forget about one of the most important dieting behaviors: mindful eating.

13 Natural Probiotic Food Sources

It seems there is so much emphasis on probiotics these days.

Everyday Foods with Extraordinary Benefits

It’s important to make each calorie count, especially when you are trying to get back into your skinny clothes.

Getting Enough Iodine in a Healthy Diet

Getting enough iodine in the diet is essential for proper thyroid function, which in turn controls a number of crucial bodily processes.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Food Pathogens

The Emerging Pathogens Institute (EPI) has released its report on the top ten most dangerous food-pathogen combinations for the United States.

Healthy Diets For Kids: Parents Lead by Example?

There’s no doubt many parents are concerned about their children’s eating habits.

Diet Secrets I Learned From Japan

Japan is a land of great innovation but also steeped in tradition.

Healthy Eating When Cooking for One trinamole

Most of us have faced cooking for one at some time or another.