Healthy Mind


Are Girly Thoughts Sabotaging Your Success?

Dr. Patricia O’Gorman seeks to help women overcome their “girly thoughts” by giving women 7 steps to personal power.

10 principles to lose weight

Losing Weight is Easy, I Made it Complicated

It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds, until I learned these 10 principles.

a pep talk

Absolutely the Best Pep Talk Ever!

If this video doesn’t inspire you, nothing will! In the grips of life’s challenges, blowing snow, or driving rain it can be easy to lose track or your goals and dreams.


You Set A Goal -You Failed- Now What?

As the year marches on, all those New Year’s resolution people taking up the treadmills at the gym will start dropping like flies. Will you be one of them?

Think Yourself Thin: The Secret?

Can you really think yourself thin? Can the law of attraction apply to weight loss? If we just think thin, won’t this just make us thin by some secret magical law of the universe?

How to Change Fat Bias

Fat bias and prejudice are alive and well despite the majority of Americans being overweight. What can be done to ensure that people of all sizes are being treated fairly?

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions All Year Long

Are your New Year’s resolutions usually defeated by February? Find out how to keep them and achieve your new diet and fitness goals.

5 Pillars of Effective Health Goal Setting

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.

Poll: Are You Blind To Your True Weight?

The mystery of why some obese people think that they look good in Lycra has been solved.

Why You Should Keep Your Goals Secret

Think of the day when you decided on a life change.