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Skipping Breakfast Could Literally Kill You

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who skip breakfast have a 27% greater risk of having a heart attack.


Omni Diet: Nutrition, Weight Loss and Health

The Omni Diet is the result of her ten-year search to understand the relationship between nutrition, weight loss and health.

Explode Your Energy Levels With 6 Easy Tips

The good news is that you can boost your energy naturally through diet and lifestyle tricks. Put these 6 strategies into practice and let’s set a goal to avoid feeling tired this year!

The Richest Nation on Earth Fails to Make the Top 10 Healthiest!

Every year I come across a report that lists the healthiest countries. Japan and Switzerland always seem to make the top of the list. How did the USA or your country rank?

The Heartburn Healing Diet

Millions of people in the world have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and many have at some point experienced acid reflux. 11 foods that calm and 8 foods that trigger heartburn.

organic foods

Super Foods to Strengthen Your Immune System

Can specific foods really help improve the immune system, or prevent you from getting sick? There are a few key foods that are “super foods” for the immune system.

You May Be At Risk for Diabetes and Not Even Know It

Diabetes is still on the rise across the world. Let us take a look at the risk factors in order to make sure you are not at risk and steps to prevent the disease!

the pms diet

The PMS Diet

The PMS Diet can help when it’s that time of the month for us ladies. Here we will discuss some foods and methods in order to beat the bloat, reduce cravings, and avoid irritable mood changes.

Sedentarism: An Unhealthy, Sedentary Way of Life

Sedentarism is not yet an actual term, but it is becoming a way to explain the ever increasing sedentary lifestyle. Do you move enough?

Eat Bacteria for Optimal Health

Eating good bacteria (probiotics) in our diets can be a good way to increase health and wellness. What foods are best and when are supplements necessary?

The Shocking Weight of the Nation

Obesity is becoming an increasing epidemic in America as the HBO doco Weight of the Nation points out. The statistics should shock you.