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New research out of Griffith University in Australia is finding that coffee is an effective appetite suppressant among their study participants.

How to Stop Yourself Eating from Boredom

People can rack up large amounts of calories when eating out of boredom. Here’s some ways to stop and warning signs to watch out for.

Maintaining Weight: Find Someone To Talk To

New research into weight maintenance shows some (slightly) promising results.

Why You Binge-Eat and How To Stop

Binge-eating can break any good weight loss plan. Here’s some practical tips to use before, during, and after the binge to make it your last.

5 Reasons Why Your Diet Is Failing

If your aim is weight loss, then you will be conscious of your eating habits.

31 Ways to Eat Right and Lose Weight

These 31 suggestions will not only help you eat healthier, but help you to lose weight and feel better.

8 Indicators of Emotional Eating

Many people overeat for emotional reasons.

7 Ways to Beat the Buffet

Buffets and other social functions can be trying when you want to eat healthy.

Lose Weight By Indulging in Food

It seems odd to use the word “indulge” on a blog about diets.

The Diet Plate: Better Than Drugs?

Diabetics who used a special “diet plate” were 3 times more likely to lose weight than non-plate users.

How To Maintain Your Weight Loss

I’m sure you heard it before: “Ninety-five percent of all dieters gain the weight back.” There is little evidence to back this up.

A Picture of Obesity Around the World

Picture comparing obesity rates around the world by country. Those with a BMI of 30 or greater.

Diet Delivery: Rating the Plans

Epicurious have compared five popular delivered (prepared) diets.