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New research out of Griffith University in Australia is finding that coffee is an effective appetite suppressant among their study participants.

10 principles to lose weight

Losing Weight is Easy, I Made it Complicated

It took me 10 years to lose 10 pounds, until I learned these 10 principles.


Tips to Avoid Huge Weight Gain While on a Cruise

If you are about to cruise remember these tips in order to still fit into your clothes after the whole thing is over. Photo’s make great memories, but 10 pounds of fat doesn’t.


Eat Resistant Starches If You Must Have Your Carbs

Resistant starch is exactly what it sounds likeā€”it resists being digested right away. I will explain to you how you can eat these starches while still losing weight!


Top 5 Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Diet

Day after day I have patients cry out about the numerous sabotages to their diet. Here are the top 5 and what you can do to keep them from ruining your progress.

christmas foods

560 Calories in this Popular Christmas Food!

I have created a no-nonsense guide to calories in popular Christmas foods. Some of these calorie amounts may shock you!


6 Ways to Shed Pounds this Fall and Winter Season

Many people tend to pack on the pounds during the cooler months of the year. Read on for 6 practical ways you can keep shedding the pounds this Fall and Winter.


Diet Tips for Workaholics Who Don’t Have Time to Read This

The Workaholics Diet for those that are Busy, busy, busy. No time to cook at home or think about eating. And, there is no time to exercise either! Does this sound like you?

7 Practices to Gain Weight Healthily

Who would want to gain weight? Roughly, 2% of the American population, and 15% of the worldwide population is underweight. Here’s how to add pounds in a healthy way.

Lose 26 Pounds Eating at Home

Eating out seems convenient , but cooking at home could help dieters lose 26 pounds a year, not to mention also help with the family budget.

How to Change Habits for Good

Bad health and eating habits can be hard to break. Put these strategies into place and you’ll be well on your way to positive change that will last.

5 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Diet

Sometimes healthy diets can become boring. Here are some tips that show you how to put some excitement back in your eating.