Food Additives

Is BPA Really the Cause of Obesity?

Recent research has linked an increased BPA intake from packaged foods to higher body weight and obesity. I find it interesting since, once again, we are talking about processed and packaged foods. BPA or no BPA, we know that they contribute to the obesity problem.


Mr. Spice Organic Salt Free Sauces

Mr. Spice now offers a line of 9 organic salt free sauces and marinades. But, can these sauces really flavor food without feeling as though salt is missing?


Nectresse: A Natural Sweetener From Splenda

Nectresse is an all natural zero calorie sweetener made from monk fruit. What else is in it, is it healthy, and how does it taste?

Is Sea Salt a Healthy Choice?

Many restaurants and packaged foods now advertise that their food is made with sea salt as if to grab the attention of the consumer.

Is MSG Really That Dangerous?

MSG lurks in many processed and fast foods. Is it really something to be worried about?

Could Soy Sauce Reduce Salt in Food?

Despite soy’s salty reputation, food scientists believe adding soy sauce to food could cut salt content without sacrificing flavor.

Which Food Additives Are Safe, Unsafe Or Questionable

As soon as the word “additives” is used, the knee-jerk response tends to be “just avoid them…period”.

Is Salt Really So Bad For You?

Perhaps April is the month for dispelling health and diet myths.

Is Stevia Safe?

Did you know that stevia could possibly be unsafe? The safety of stevia is discussed.

Aspartame Poisoning and Chewing Gum

The FDA still claims that there is no evidence that aspartame is harmful. This woman poisoned by chewing gum may feel differently.

AlsoSalt Salt Substitute: Taste Test

AlsoSalt is a salt substitute that is supposed to taste the same as salt but without the sodium. Does it really or will it make your food taste strange?