Fast Foods


The 9044 Calorie Fast Food Burger

Beau Chevassus decided to create the most calorific and the most expensive burger

paula den french fries

Paula Deen Still Eats French Fries

Paula Deen may have lost 40 pounds, but she hasn’t given up her favorite guilty pleasure — french fries.

fast food prices

Fast Food Prices Up 111% in Just 10 Years!

Fast food isn’t as cheep as it used to be, yet why are most still under the illusion that it is? Here’s how some prices have changed from 2002 to the beginning of 2013.

Nano portion-size

Time to Rethink Portion Size: Nano Size Me Please!

In light of the obesity crisis that is overtaking the world, a leading fast food giant is now offering the nano size option.


Yet Another Reason to Never Eat Fast Food

As if we needed more reasons to never eat fast food, right? Check out what this KFC employee was caught doing to the mashed potatoes!


Which of These 4 Shouldn’t Be Eating at Burger King the Most?

I wouldn’t recommend anyone eating at Burger King. But, one of these 4 people REALLY shouldn’t be eating there.


Deadliest Burger in All the Land- Like Eating a Whole Stick of Butter!

Chili’s, we gotta hand it to you. Only you can create a single patty burger that is a whole day’s worth of calories and 2 days worth of saturated fat!


5 Disgusting Donuts That Will Make You NOT Crave Donuts

5 really interesting but disgusting flavors of Dunkin’ Donuts probably not found at a store near you.

10,000 Calories In 1 Cheeseburger?!?!

These burger and fast food calorie amounts are absolutely shocking and disgusting. No wonder people are so overweight.

Have You Ever Seen Cheeseburger and Fries This Small?

A cheeseburger and fries so miniature that you almost want to eat them. Almost.


Starbucks Diet: Where the Trendy Get Thin

The Starbucks Diet is based on the story of a librarian, Christina Hall, from Virginia who lost roughly 80 pounds by eating Starbuck’s food. Here is a meal plan that you can use to lose weight at Starbucks too.