Iced Coffee: More Calorific Than Your Meal?

Some iced coffee drinks have over 400 Calories. Which is the worst, and how can you get the calorie count down but still enjoy a drink?

How to Break Your Soda Habit TODAY

Researchers reporting in the International Journal of Clinical Practice noted that heavy cola drinkers (two to four liters of cola every day) are at risk of hypokalaemia, or low potassium levels.

VitaminWater = Sugar Water?

CSPI has filed a class action lawsuit against Glaceau VitaminWater (from the Coca-cola company) citing “deceptive and unsubstantiated claims”.

How To: Make Nutritious Smoothies

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast on-the-go, a post workout recovery or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, smoothies can be a fast and easy way to pack a good nutritional punch.

Starbucks Coffee’s Shocking Caffeine Amounts

Starbucks coffee has caffeine amounts that are as shocking as their Calorie amounts. Find out how they do it and which drinks are dangerous.

The 10 Most Caffeinated Diet Drinks

Most diet drinks have more caffeine than non-diet drinks. Find out which are the worst culprits.

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss?

A Chinese study reported that oolong tea can help with weight loss. What is it and what makes this tea different from other teas?

Fruit Juice: Fattening or Not?

Nutrition advice can be frustrating.

Diet Coke Plus: “Healthy” Soft Drink?

Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo will soon release vitamin-fortified soft drinks – Diet Coke Plus and Tava.

Special K Protein Water

Towards the end of last year – a whole line of Kellogg’s “protein-enhanced” foods started appearing on shelves.