It is true when people say too much of anything can kill you. Turns out even juicing can kill a person and has indeed killed at least 3 people.


Is Your Cup of Coffee Cheating You?

Looks like not all cups of coffee are at all created equal. If it’s caffeine that your looking for, then you might as well get your money’s worth.


Butter Coffee: Promotes Weight Loss?

Butter coffee- Brewed coffee blended with 80 grams of butter as a way to give people energy and promote weight loss?


The Most Disgusting Slushie Flavors Ever!

I really can’t believe anyone would find pizza or spaghetti slushies appealing. Who would want to eat ice cold, liquid spaghetti?


Will Choffy Replace Your Daily Cup of Coffee?

Choffy is a hot beverage made from brewing ground roasted cacao beans instead of coffee beans. Is it healthy and how does it taste?


3 Popular Drinks with Shocking Sugar Amounts to be Avoided at All Costs

Drinking calories is the quickest way to rack up the calories while adding very little nutrition and sense of satiety. Avoid these 3 sugar filled drinks at all costs.


What Kills 180,000 People Each Year Worldwide?

Researchers studying world disease data from 2010 formulated that 180,000 people died from diseases that can directly be related to this common food.

Is Cold Press, Masticating Juicing the New Way to Eat Your Vegetables?

A NutriPro Juicer review- I have always loved fresh pressed vegetable juice and this juicer is my first home juicer. So, I was curious to give it a try!


KeVita Coconut Probiotic Drink: The New Health Drink?

KeVita is the name for a new probiotic coconut based health drink in the market. They sent me a few free drinks to try and here’s what I thought as a dietician.

Energy Drinks That Give You Pep Without Giving You Cancer

My list of 7 healthier energy drinks to choose from that use all or mostly natural ingredients to give you some pep without hurting your body.


Like to Drink? Look What it Does to Your Face!

A new app shows you what you’ll like in 10 years, factoring in your current alcohol consumption.


Are You Drinking Yourself Stupid?

If you have 3-5 drinks or more at a time you are getting dumber with every sip. Researchers at Rutgers University found that excess alcohol reduces brain cell production by 40%!