Diet Questions

Set Point Theory May Be to Blame If You Can’t Lose Weight

The set point theory is the idea that the body tends to maintain a certain weight without much difficulty. Is this stopping your weight loss and what steps can you take to overcome it?

Alcohol and Exercise: Do Opposites Attract?

A funny statistic says that those who drink alcohol are more likely to maintain a consistent exercise routine. Not so fast, let’s read on to learn why exercise and alcohol do not mix well!


Is Candida Really Caused by Sugary Diets?

Are yeast infections just a normal part of life or is there perhaps a dietary cause for Candida thriving in the human body?

Why Stress is Killing Your Diet

Stress may be to blame if you can’t seem to lose weight with diet and exercise. This article explains how stress hormones work and suggests ways to deal with stress in a healthier way.

A Culture of Bad Food: Can it Change?

Recently I spent some time traveling round the United Kingdom.

Which is Healthier: Avocado Oil or Olive Oil?

Cold pressed virgin oils are hailed for their excellent health promoting qualities.

Is Eating Fruit Making You Fat?

If you’ve read the most popular diet books for the past decade, then the answer is a resounding YES!

Does Dieting Make You Angry And Stressed?

The idea of reaching for a stick of celery when all you really want is a big slice of chocolate cake, would probably make most people a little grumpy.

Poll: 90% of Americans Think They Eat Healthy!

Are people in America fooling themselves or is all the health data pumped out by the government a pile of lies?

Should Pro-Eating Disorder Sites be Banned?

You can find information and support groups for just about anything on the world wide web.