It is true when people say too much of anything can kill you. Turns out even juicing can kill a person and has indeed killed at least 3 people.


Do You Want to Live to 120?

It probably won’t be long until people can opt for treatments that will allow them to live to 120. But, do people want to live that long?

ultra-processed foods

Ultra-Processed Foods are the True Killers

Processed foods with 1 to 3 ingredients aren’t likely to cause harm, it’s the products with 10 to 20+ that should cause alarm.


The Photoshop Diet: Are Diet Marketers Deceiving Us?

The Photoshop diet. How diet marketers can easily use Photoshop to deceive the masses with before and after pics.


Has Dr. Oz Lost All Credibility?

Since Dr Oz promotes supplements and quick weight loss diets has he lost all credibility as an expert?


Look How Much Food 5 Dollars Buys Around the World

A video that compares the amounts of different foods you can get for 5 US dollars around the world.


The Food Industry Spends 2 Billion a Year to Brainwash Your Kids!

Here’s a great TED talk that discusses this issue and how one brave woman is standing up to the food industry giants.


Should A 7 Year Old Be Worried About Dieting?

A mother of a seven year old recently found this note in her daughter’s room when she was cleaning. This little Australian girl has clearly gotten the idea that she needs to diet.

Salt Sugar Fat: Are You a Slave to Food Giants?

Salt Sugar Fat is a provocative new book by pulitzer prize winner Michael Moss. Multinational food giants keep the western world fat by filling their food products with salt, sugar, and fat.

body part candy

Can You Guess which Body Part this Candy is Supposed to be?

I have seen some strange candy in my day, but Gummy Body Part Candy? Can you guess which body part this variety is trying to represent?


How can 1 Billion People Worldwide be Fat when We Spend 100+ Billion to be Slim?

Humans have never spent more on diets and gym memberships, yet people are fatter than ever. This video may hold the answer.


Don’t Believe Coke’s Lies, Watch the Real Truth About Their Drinks

A few weeks ago Coca Cola launched a new ad campaign praising themselves for making a difference in the obesity epidemic. Here’s a Coke video that’s much more aligned with the truth !