Top 10 Habits That Keep Women Fat-The Real Skinny

By Ted


The Real Skinny was recently published by the bloggers at Appetite For Heath. In this book they compiled The Top 101 Fat Excuses that they have received from their readers over the years.

They believe that everyone has a choice and women can either choose to keep making excuses to remain fat or choose to find solutions to those excuses and start losing weight.

The Real Skinny’s Top 10 Fat Excuses

  1. “No Matter What, I’m never going to lose weight and I don’t think it’s all my fault.”
  2. “I have such a slow metabolism. I hardly eat anything, but just can’t lose weight.”
  3. “I’m addicted to all things sweet”
  4. “I’m a curvy woman, we’re supposed to be a little soft.”
  5. “I’m a junk food addict”
  6. “I just keep losing and regaining…. again and again.”
  7. “I have depression and the thought of trying to eat right and exercise is just too overwhelming.”
  8. “I can’t live without my diet soda”
  9. “I’m nearly 50 years old. If I even smell fatty foods now, I’ll gain weight”
  10. “I’ve hit menopause, it’s useless to try to diet.”

101 Slim Habits

Luckily, The Real Skinny isn’t a book of excuses only, but for all 101 excuses that are keeping women fat, they provide reasoning and evidence for why the excuse isn’t true as well as solutions to overcome the excuse and start losing weight.

The book also provides women with many other tips and solutions including a 14 day meal plan, eating out solutions, and healthy recipes.

The real skinny will appeal to women who have given up on losing weight and cause them to evaluate their negative thought processes in a rational manner. It will also help them to develop a plan for losing weight and give them many of the tools to do so.

Probably the only thing lacking here would be a support system, but their are many good online weight loss support sites such as SparkPeople that could be used in conjunction with The Real Skinny.

Have you ever made any of the fat excuses above?

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  1. aquarius moon

    No. I don’t believe in excuses.

  2. Imiya

    I agree with all but #10 I’m only 13 me and my mom try to lose wait but its not that simple when the prices for the items are outrageous and the prices for nutrisystem and jenny Craig is basically like $1000000 I don’t think were trying hard enough but I don’t think that the prices are affordable

  3. steph

    Excuse #7 is a bit frustrating – Good diet and exercise are beneficial for anyone with depression, even those who are an appropriate weight! They are 2 very important aspects of treating/living with depression that often get ignored.

  4. O.

    Recently in a post to a youtube video I challenged the notion that “curvy” was just a word a fat woman in denial uses.

    I challenged that “curvy” was a word thin worshipers used to get around the fact that it’s not the thin women who have the “proportions” men desire, so to speak.

    I worked at a Victoria’s Secret store for several years and it was very seldom that we carried 32 ( the part of the bra that goes around the back) C (the cup or breast size) or 32 D bras. Women with that small a frame rarely have nice breasts, especially naturally. By comparison, Lane Bryant’s (plus size shop) smallest bra is a 36C.

    Once in a while some small woman who’s partner duped her into get ting implants way to large for her would come in looking for a bra. You know, the guy is so insecure he wants a woman that NO ONE can say is fat, but he wants boobs too. And we would direct the poor girl to try Fredrick’s of Hollywood.

  5. Mark

    Really great post, the difference positive thinking can make to weight loss is massive. To quote Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” so you may as well think and believe you can.

  6. BC

    If losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight. On the other hand, being a healthy weight feels better than being overweight. And a healthy weight is a lot easier to accomplish when the right choices become second nature. In other words, weight-loss goals are more achievable when healthy choices turn into healthy habits.

  7. Michelle

    I think this book has good intentions, but it seems judgmental in its approach. I think like Kristen said there’s pain and confusion involved in making these excuses, and simply throwing into someone’s face that they are wrong isn’t really going to help. I can’t imagine the women (and really, why only women? Are we the only ones that make excuses about our weight???) who make these excuses rushing to buy a book that tells them they are fat liars!

    • Ted

      I see your point, but I don’t think the book comes across as that. I think the authors recognize how complicated the issues are and they do spend a fair amount of time discussing each excuse.

      • Michelle

        That’s good to know. I checked out their blog and it seemed very balanced and positive!

  8. Kristen

    Hmm…I’m sure I’ve said some of them before, probably especially #2. I did overcome these excuses to lose and keep off 100 pounds, so I don’t sit in that place anymore. I have to admit that I still bristle and reading these “excuses” though; I don’t know why the idea of a book written from this perspective strikes me as if it would have over-simplictic answers, missing the confusion, pain, and even small morsels of truth in some of these excuses. Is that the case, or did you find it to be a book with deeper, more meaningful responses to weight loss (e.g., mindful eating over just more diets)?

    • Ted

      I feel the book goes pretty deep and explores the many facets of weight loss. I briefly stated the excuses, but in the book there are several pages devoted to each excuse and they do a good job giving real practical ways to get past the excuse.

  9. Spectra

    At least 4 of those excuses can be overcome with strength training. The more muscle mass you have (and women do lose muscle as they go through menopause), the higher your metabolism will be. I have so many friends who use the excuse: “My metabolism’s so slow because I’m over 30–I just can’t lose weight” when in reality, they could probably lose some weight if they just started lifting weights.