Toilet Candy: Only in Japan!

By Ted

This has to be the most ridiculous way to eat candy that I have ever seen in my life!

Yes, let’s teach kids to put together a toilet and then eat from it……

Foaming toilet candy none-the-less!

You’re welcome for the appetite suppressant!

We have covered a few strange Japanese food items over the years, but this has to be the strangest.

I love Japanese people and their food in general, but this is something I just don’t culturally understand, I guess.


Would you eat foaming candy from a toilet?

Found on Laughing Squid


  1. TonyK

    LMAO. The toilet plunger and cleaning spray was the best!

    I can just picture little kids that are bought this candy thinking that it’s OK to drink water from the real toilet.

    • Ted

      water or other things…..