The Photoshop Diet: Are Diet Marketers Deceiving Us?

By Ted

This video is crazy! It truly amazes and scares me what people can do with Photoshop. In fact, everything we see online and in print, now has to be scrutinized.

Especially in diet plan arena. Just look at what diet marketers can do to produce those enticing before and after pictures.

The scope of this technology really has changed the marketing and advertising game. From diet plans to wrinkle creams, the buyer has to be more savvy than ever before.

What do you think? Can we believe anything we see online or in magazines anymore?


  1. Elina

    It is really nice, realistic and amazing.

  2. Lily

    This is fascinating as a piece of art! It is incredibly realistic. And I think the artist enlarges her eyes because in the first image her lids are a bit puffy. The artist is removing skin as well as fat from the model.

    I don’t think anyone is surprised to hear some of those before and after miraculous changes are faked, but proof is fascinating. I’ve always suspected the before pictures to be fakes, myself. A toned and trim model is hired to rave about some product in a commercial, and a version of them overweight and sad (in the same swimsuit? Always the same swimsuit! They must be custom made to cover such a range of sizes . . .) has been mocked up via the artistry of photoshop.
    Because genetics have a huge role to play in how fat is distributed over any body. The woman featured here, for example, is not likely to have such a defined neckline even if she lost that much weight. Plus, where’d the excess skin go? She’s not young enough for it to snap back so easily.

  3. Mirinda

    so crazy and yet so realistic looking – this is why we need to stop comparing ourselves to people in magazines!

    • Kristen

      Wow! That truly is incredible and disturbing. Aside from just being wise consumers regarding diet and beauty products, it really drives home how and why none of us can possibly live up to the beauty “standards” portrayed by the media!

  4. Linda K.

    Maybe nothing new, but it’s amazing how real it looks after such an extreme change. Also, interesting how the artist made her eyes bigger for the thin version. It’s common for makeup ads and such, but has nothing to do with weight. It was just to increase her appeal.

  5. kitekrazy

    Centerfolds have been touched up for ages. Do all of those burgers on commercials look anything like the restaurants? Check out the techniques these use on Butterball Turkey commercials.

    • Ted

      Yes, I know this is nothing new, but the technology available now makes it even harder to detect and so believable. This video is really cool in the way it shows the process in action. 🙂

  6. Spectra

    Yeah, I always look at magazine pictures and take everything with a grain of salt. Sometimes, I look at pictures in magazines and find the Photoshop errors to see what kinds of things they screw up. I don’t believe anything I see in magazines anymore.

  7. Diet Elixirs

    Yeah, this is nothing new, I guess the only way to get any relevant info is from user reviews of diet pills, you can’t trust advertisement at all!