The Body Reset Diet

By Ted

The Body Reset Diet is the latest diet from celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

From watching the video, it looks like mainly a meal replacement type diet using processed shake mixes.

This leaves me with one basic question.

How much is Shaklee paying Harley Pasternak to promote their 180 Meal Replacement products?

Meal replacement diets can be effective for weight loss, especially for those with 100+ pounds to lose. However, where they fail is in the long-term. People often return to their old ways of eating when they get tired of spending the money on the shakes or get sick of drinking them.

I think if Harley was really trying to help people with his blender and knowledge, he would teach them how to make nutritious smoothies from fresh, whole ingredients instead of using these highly processed Shaklee products. It will cost dieters $270 for the 180 Turnaround Kit, which appears to be a month’s supply.

The book is available on Amazon.

What’s your opinion of The Body Reset Diet?


  1. janeen

    Actually, if you read the book, he gives great shake recipes using fruits, veggies, almonds and greek yogurt. They are easy to make and reallt quite good. Then he teaches you how to incorporate in meals in addition to the shakes. The Shakelee shakes are mentioned in the book as an alternative option.

    • Ted

      That’s good to know.. from the video it seems like a Shaklee commercial.

  2. Spectra

    Say it ain’t so, Harley–selling out to Shaklee? Really? This makes me really upset…anyone knows those pre-mixed shakes from Shaklee are: A) a total ripoff and B) totally unnecessary for weight loss. You could get the exact same result by making your own smoothies at home with fresh fruits, veggies, and whatever else you choose to put in it.

  3. Lia

    Mmmmmm…. Pre-chewed food dude.

    Just another “shake diet” in a long line fo shake diets that don’t work in the long run. Very expensive. Save your money, eat real food, and make your own healthy drinks at home!

  4. Tom

    Do you have any idea what your talking about? What ” highly processed ” Shaklee products are you referring to? Do your homework, they are the least processed products with the most natural ingredients available on the market. Should people use the pesticide coated fruits and vegetables available to most people to make their smoothies? Shaklee gives them the guaranteed highest quality ingredients and they dont pay for celebrity endorsements.

    • Ray

      Unless Shaklee uses organic, their powders are also riddled with poisons. Just buy fresh, organic and get away from processed, packaged junk.

    • Spectra

      Yeah, you probably sell Shaklee or else you got brainwashed by the company to think they’re really spectacular. They aren’t.