Rapid Waist Reduction Diet: No More Toxic Belly Fat?

By Ted


The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet by Don Colbert, MD is designed to get rid of toxic belly fat, which in turn, reduces waist size and overall weight.

In a basic sense, this diet is an updated rehash of the Dr. Simeon’s Protocol (the hCG Diet) and focuses on reducing inflammation and reducing carbohydrates by avoiding foods such as wheat.

Two big red flags went off in my head as I started this diet evaluation:

  1. The fallacy of spot fat reduction, in this case, belly fat.
  2. The hCG diet, its safety, its science, and its long-term effectiveness. 

Rapid Waist Reduction Diet’s Core Concepts

First of all, this book definitely is meant to appeal to those practicing Christianity. The book is full of scripture references and religious type thought, which is fitting since Evangelicals tend to preach against many sins, except the sin of gluttony. But, that is another debate.

Other than that, there are two main concepts presented the book.

1. Avoid Inflammatory Foods and Carbs, Especially Wheat.

Rapid Waist Reduction blames two major culprits for the obesity epidemic. Bad oils and refined carbs. Dr. Colbert belives that these two things are a deadly combination and not only responsible for obesity, but also for many of the diseases that plague modern society.

2. A Two Phase, Low Calorie Diet

Phase One consists of the dieter following a modified version of the hCG Diet. This involves a very low calorie diet in combination with receiving hCG hormone injections.

Phase Two consists of a moderately low calorie diet, which continues to restrict refined carbs, wheat, and inflammatory oils from the diet.

In addition to this, The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet discusses supplements that reduce belly fat, provides grocery lists and eating out advice, as well as discusses the importance of exercise.

Remember I Said There Were Red Flags?

I tend to agree with the concept that there are too many bad oils and refined carbs in the western diet and that this is a big part of the reason the western world is so fat and disease ridden. I have improved my own health and waist line by getting rid of bad fats and greatly limiting refined carbs.

hcg-colbertBeyond that, a few things bother me. First, the notion that we can target fat loss is just not founded in sound research and experience. We tend to lose fat in the order in which it was put on. Women especially tend to store fat in their hips and thighs first, so in reality, it would be the last place in which they would lose it from.

Second, the hCG diet has been widely refuted and proven no better than any very low calorie diet. This phase of the diet is essentially starvation and this type of diet is seldom healthy unless a person is morbidly obese and under the care of a physician.

Thirdly, Dr. Colbert has capitalized on the “Christian” market greatly. He has a whole series of books entitled “The Bible Cure For _______”. Also, he has a line of “Divine Living” supplements including fake hCG drops. Put God and Bible verses on something and Christians will buy it! (I say this as a practicing Christian.)

I’m not sold on this one folks, but what do you think?

The Rapid Waist Reduction Diet is available on Amazon.


  1. Patricia

    My thyroid collapsed and I ended up in the E.R. for 14 hours. In one year, my weight has gone up by 30 pounds. I cannot lose a pound, exercise 5 days a week and still nothing. Doctor says my thyroid levels are good TSH 0.53 now. My question is, can I do this diet Hcg with hypothyroidism? Could someone please help me?
    Thank you

  2. Betty

    It is the removal of acidic, versus pH balanced, foods that causes dramatic weight loss in and around the waist. We “burn” calories and determining if a food is acidic or pH balanced is based on the residue remaining after being metabolized. Citrus IS pH balanced… most proteins are not. The lowest pH foods are spinach and lemon. If you dramatically reduce the acidic foods you will drop that spare tire quickly, eliminate toxins, quickly control G.I. problems, stop excessive sweating, get rid of joint pain and more. Amazingly simple… and it works!

  3. Elina

    Good job. I like it thanks and keep it up.

  4. Bonnie B

    I had already eliminated carbs, sugar, and bad oils from my diet, but was having no luck losing weight. My doctor and her nutritionist told me that my metabolism was ‘out of wack (my words, not theirs)’ from menopause, poor diet and poor exercise. Their solution: one hour of high aerobic exercise six days a week for 16 weeks. This was, they said the ‘only’ way to get my metabolism working again. I couldn’t do it… (YOU try that kind of exercise while carrying around an extra sixty pounds). I was looking at years of very hard work to get back to ‘normal,’ and I was already almost sixty!!! So, after very much research and talking to a lot of people who had had success, I did the hCG diet with homeopathic drops for Twenty-one days. Very low calorie for 21 days is not going to killl anyone….. I lost 20 pounds. I then ate reasonably, low carb, low sugar.. until I was confident I was not going to start gaining back … then did it again… three times I did that … and within ONE year, I had dropped SIXTY-SIX pounds. I can now eat more calories than before and not gain. My metabolism works they way it is supposed to and I have a new life. Please don’t try to tell me this is only due to very low calorie — or that it’s all in my mind. There’s something to this … I have coached over 20 people through this program and 18 have had fabulous results!!! The food industry has convinced us we’re going to die if we don’t get food …. if we don’t feel full all the time… that’s gluttony (BTW – the Bible does warn against gluttony – calls it a sin). A low Calorie diet for short bursts of time is healthy — it’s called fasting… hCG makes it work.

    • Kristilyn

      That is exactly why I am doing the hcg diet. My metabolism had become stagnant but my weight was going up. I exercised like crazy and no weight loss. My doctor wrote a prescription for the hcg compound cream which I rub on the thin skin of my wrist twice a day. I have lost 14.5 pounds in 12 days.

  5. Spectra

    I agree that eliminating refined carbs and certain oils/fats can definitely help reduce inflammation. I have had a lot of success with incorporating fish oil into my diet as a replacement for more inflammatory fats and it has definitely helped. But I do not agree with his science on using hCG along with the very low-calorie diet as a jumpstart to helping with the weight loss. Like you said, Ted–there are a lot of red flags here.

  6. Franklin

    I have lost 80 lbs. simply by eliminating processed sugar, flour products and walking. I went from a 44 waist to a 34. As for this book, I also own it and I must believe Dr. Colbert intentions are good. Even if the book is not the best work in this field, I refuse to believe he is trying to Christians. I believe as a Christian I must be careful in judging the motives of my brothers and sisters.

    • Ted

      Great job Franklin! Keep up the great work.

  7. Kristen

    Makes me very sad that he’s using Christianity to sell this thing.

    • karen

      Please be careful I came down with cancer while on HCG Homopathic. Please do not touch it. Do more research on your own