Paula Deen Still Eats French Fries

By Bethany Sanders

Paula Deen may have lost 40 pounds, but she hasn’t given up her favorite guilty pleasure — french fries.

In a video originally posted by TMZ and now circulating the web, the celebrity chef admits that she still indulges in fatty foods and had even eaten fast food french fries that very day.

Deen’s announcement last year that she has type II diabetes gave her critics ammunition that her most famous recipes are scrumptious … but deadly — Krispy creme bread pudding and fried mac and cheese among them. Deen went on to lose 40 pounds and trim the fat from her recipes, too.

Many people believe that anything in moderation — even french fries — is the way to go to achieve long lasting weight loss.

What’s the one food that you’ll never give up?


  1. Jerry

    I Love This.. Just goes to show that the old adage, everything in moderation, is just as true today as it ever was. And living healthy doesn’t mean having to be extreme. Good for Paula Deen!

  2. Bethany

    It always surprises me when I read the strong opinions on this. I think that you have to do what works for you, but you also need to be able to have cake on your birthday. Great discussion, everyone.

  3. Dan

    I will sometimes eat a *few* french fries either at work or at a restaurant. I also eat some chocolates each day. However, I am trying to avoid chocolates made with hydrogenated oils and I am also making them dark and not milk chocolate. My partner will make cookies and I have convinced him to make them with whole wheat flour. Making one’s treats can make them a lot healthier, but with no less flavor. I am now weaning myself off of diet soft drinks. I drink them mainly to calm my nerves, not for the sweet taste per se. I do experience my taste buds changing as Ray stated, and this enables me to be a bit more moderate in my consumption of junk food. It also heightens my enjoyment of eating healthier foods- even raw greens with balsamic vinegar are now a treat.

  4. Ray

    Horses**t. Decide to retrain your tastebuds. Only eat what is best for your body and quit playing the victim. Once a year i will cheat just to show myself that what i remember that stuff tastes like and what it now tastes like are worlds apart. Eat healthy, real food, you deserve it.

    • Heather

      No joke. When I tried moderation I would crave and binge.

      Staying completely away makes me not even want it or like it so much when I have it. It’s the only way to go for me!!!

    • O.

      That’s your opinion. I will say that moderation is best for me because prior to that, I yo yo dieted for a decade trying to force myself to change.

      I really don’t believe in retraining. I believe in confronting what you like about the foods you like, being honest about your liking it, and finding your own personal “tweaks” to improve your overall diet as much as you can tolerate.

      Notice from my other post I found a way to make oven baked fries taste as much like traditional fries as I could.

      And I break food down into “everyday food” (baked fries) and “occasional treats” ( fried fries) instead of good and bad. So I never have to get rid of anything I like. These descriptions better explain the place they should have in the diet.

      And if you think about it, the foods you like are no different than any of your other preferences in movies, music, colors, sexual preference. I mean how often are people asked to force themselves to change their favorite color?

  5. O.

    By happy accident I found out that spraying the cooking oil spray “PAM” on oven “fried” foods such a frozen french fries or breaded chicken gives them as close to a fried taste and texture as I have ever found with a lower fat cooking method.

    This technique can also be used when reheating fast food fries which no one wants to put in their doggy bag to cut the portion down because they get limp and rubbery if not eaten when freshly cooked.

  6. Spectra

    I agree with her–you have to allow yourself your favorite treats if you want to stay on a diet without going insane. I still eat pork rinds and Skittles almost every day…I just don’t eat much of them. Moderation is key 🙂

    • kitekrazy

      Spectra, you are unique. Most of the people who reply are frustrated food nazis. Read Ray’s post. Some need to get a life.

      • Spectra

        Trust me, I had experimented a lot with being a food nazi before realizing that it only set me up for bingeing. I found out I do much better when I allow myself a little of what I really like. I realized you really only like the first few bites and after that, it’s not as tasty. So I eat only a handful of Skittles and I’m good.

      • TheBumbler

        Yay! I love being a mass murdering bigot bent on continental mastery who, incidentally, is also decidedly so boring in my existence, people assume I’m dead.

        It comes down to what works on an individual level.

        • Jim

          Actually the terms: Food Nazi and Food Porn probably need to disappear from our vernacular.

          I remember reading a heartwrenching post from an earnest young man who was worried that he would eat a piece of cake on his birthday.

          Sad so sad. Food is one of those things that so plays with our tendency to obsess.