Losing Weight is Easy, I Made it Complicated

By Guest Author

10 principles to lose weight

  • I abandoned all my healthy routines for every rule, trick and tip I came across
  • Instead of blaming my method, I blamed myself
  • Until I learned The 10 Principles that make losing weight easy, fast, forever and FREE!

For the last 15 years food and weight have been a non-issue… something I never thought possible.

It All Started When I Was 13

During the summer between Grade 8 and going to high school my family went on a road trip. When we got home I realized my clothes were a little tight. Rather than recognize the weight gain was due to sitting in a car and eating almost every meal out for over a month, I decided to throw myself into this ‘project’ with the same dedication I put into everything else.

I became obsessed with anything that had to do with dieting because I thought each bit of information I was gathering was part of a larger, comprehensive approach. In an effort to piece it all together and speed up the process I incorporated as many of the diet ideas I came across as quickly as I could – and there was no shortage of advice out there!

And from this diet information overload, only one thing became clear: Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight was a mystery – one that involved:

  • Sacrifice
  • Will power
  • & Taking extreme measures

So without having a clue what I was doing, I abandoned all of the healthy routines I had around eating – routines I had learned and lived with for the first thirteen years of my life – in exchange for every rule, trick and tip that I came across. And together, these disjointed instructions around ‘what to eat’ turned into self-defeating behaviors and then engrained bad habits – all of which lead to even greater confusion and weight gain.

As time marched on I became convinced I had a slow metabolism and being fat was my lot in life. I was sure I couldn’t eat the same things as everybody else. So I never considered taking cues from all the kids around me who were exercising much less, eating way more and were the healthy weight I wanted to be.

10Without realizing, I had all the wrong information and ran with it.

But instead of blaming my method, I blamed myself.

I was worried I was losing my ability to be determined and disciplined – things that had always defined me.

And this made me feel ashamed of myself and led to secrecy and guilt.

So I never talked to anybody about it.

I had no idea everything I was doing was working against me and setting me up to fail.

I was prepared to make every sacrifice, exercise all the will power I could pull together and go to any extreme to lose weight. But the harder I tried, the worse things became.

All I needed to do was redirect my energy with the right information.

Finally, around my first year of university (and over the five years that followed) I started to discover, through trial and error and all different sources, a few things that made losing weight EASY, FAST, FOREVER and FREE – so I could focus on everything else.

And I did!

Suddenly I had all this time and space to put towards something productive rather than being preoccupied by trying to lose weight.

But not too long ago, I started seeing all the magazine covers, newspaper articles and advertisements about weight loss in a new light… And I began over-hearing friends, family, colleagues and strangers on the street, talk about trying to lose weight. I started to see the old me in other people.

And it reminded me of how complicated I made the simple task of losing weight.

the10principles-logoI felt so frustrated!!!

I had to do something about it.

So I began writing down the things that helped me and realized they all fell under one of 10 principles that fit together chronologically to create a comprehensive approach to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight – easily.

And I am desperate to share what I learned because: No matter how much, how long or how wrong you’ve been trying to lose weight the solution is the same, and it’s simple!

The best way to keep the information free was to set up a website to explain The 10 Principles.

Each principle is introduced with 10 corresponding Lessons I Learned that apply the principle to everyday situations so that you learn each principle through real-life examples. And by registering to begin your progress is bookmarked.

Thanks for reading my story.

Sharing what I learned makes those 10 years worth it!

By Kelly of the10principles.com



  1. Aratha

    Always pair diet with exercise. But, never do extreme fad diets immediately after pregnancy. That would be dangerous. Eat healthily to help your body recover. Eating the right kinds of foods such as fruits and vegetables also help produce healthy breast milk that your infant needs.

  2. Elina

    Your post is less helping and more advertising.

    • Kelly

      Hey Elina,
      Thanks for your comment.
      When a resource is FREE I’d say it was creating awareness around a solution rather than advertising.
      Feedback is essential and I appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Richard

    It’s a good story but they are trying to sell something instead of really helping people. These principles are just another weight loss book & like all other weight loss books most people will not get the results people want. The website was a waste of time & TonyK is 100% correct.

    • Ted

      No one is selling anything. Not sure why people think this. The site clearly says it’s free.

  4. Kelly

    Hey Guys,
    Thank you for visiting my site: http://www.the10principles.com
    I think the confusion lies in that my site is set up as a TUTORIAL – a comprehensive approach to losing weight introduced through short weekly lessons.
    Each principle builds on the next so each lesson needs to be done chronologically.
    For this reason, it’s necessary to ‘register’ for the site and then you can do a few lessons and pick up right where you left off the next week simply by logging in again.
    As my website states, it is a FREE resource. There is also no advertising on my site. Nobody is making any money off this site!
    Thank you for your feedback and I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts.
    Re: Jools – unfortunately I didn’t get your comment – I’m going to have to look into that because constructive feedback is vital – however, I did see there was a glitch in the software for question 4 (that you mention) and that has been resolved.
    I am a primary school teacher and excited to have some great help with the software side of this tutorial by a friend in the evenings – who thankfully is also volunteering time or else this resource wouldn’t be possible.
    Re: Tony K
    Principle #1 hasn’t been revealed yet.

  5. TonyK

    Don’t wasted you time with this website.

    The mechanism behind weight loss is very simple. The things that influence and prevent us (or make it more difficult) from following that mechanism is a complicated dynamic process.

    I tried clicking through the links because I was curious about the “10 principles”. After taking the scenice route (link here, link there, link back to here, link back over there) the website forces you to register before being told what the principles are. OK, fine.. I did that. Now do I get to see the principles? Nope!! I had to take 3 quizzes before I could even see ONE principle. I don’t think websites get any more annoying than this one.

    As I stated above, the physics behind weight loss is very easy, but the things that prevent us from attaining that state is a hugely complicated process and anyone who pretends to have the secrets or simple concepts behind overcoming these factors. And principle #1 is really stupid, BTW.

    • TonyK

      Argh, sticky keys. I mean to start with, “Don’t waste your time with this website”.

    • Ted

      Good to know. I knew there was no cost involved viewing her 10 steps but I didn’t realize it was that difficult to actually view them. Perhaps this will be a good critique for her to make the whole process less complicated, which I think is the idea behind her weight loss philosophy!, right?

    • jools

      I wasted my time because I thought there might be some nuggets of truth in there. I did get sick of the constant clicking but finally couldn’t get past Q4 without being looped back and having the read the Q4 again – no matter which way I answered. I did send feedback to the site to let them know there was a glitch but didn’t hear back. Perhaps they didn’t want to click on my email.

  6. kira kashino

    rather than telling us the 10 principles you advertised, you decided to force us to keep clicking links. it’s a marketing mechanism. this person is getting paid money when the readers click on her link. dont fall for it. it’s a scam. we click links, u get paid. false advertisement

    • Ted

      Not hardly.. This is simply a guest post from a great blogger. No money exchanging hands, no scam.. There is no product being sold here or on the guest author’s site. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions and making false accusations.

  7. Kristen

    For someone who is desperate to share what you learned, you didn’t seem to share much about what you learned. Can you give us an example of your 10 steps?

    • Ted

      She has all her steps outlined extensively on her own blog which is linked to at the bottom.

  8. Spectra

    My biggest hurdle to losing weight was denial. I “thought” I was “probably” eating about 2000 calories a day, yet I was hovering at around 175-180 lbs. When I gained up to 195 lbs by Christmas of my freshman year of college, I knew that unless I made some real changes in how I was eating, I was setting myself up to gain more and more weight. I wrote down everything I ate for a week and I was–for the first time in my life–brutally honest about this. If I ate 1/2 a pack of Chips Ahoy cookies for a snack, I wrote it down. If I ate a bag of Skittles during my calculus lecture, I wrote that down. I then went online and looked up all the calorie counts for all of the foods I’d eaten and found out I was actually eating close to 4500 calories a day. I used the basic format of the Weight Watchers program to pick some healthier options and once I took accountability for my actions and stopped being in denial, I was able to lose weight pretty steadily.

    • kira kashino

      yeah, it’s kind of why counting calories and learning portion sizes is essential. many people will pick up a can of soda and think nothing of it even though it contains many empty calories and doesnt fill you up. glad to hear that ur losing weight. over half of americans are overweight. it’s sad since being overweight is so bad for a person. we’re basically eating ourselves to death. literally. heart disease, diabetes type 2, cancer, and stroke are the leading reasons why people die yet, your risk for these diseases are raised if you are overweight. goodluck to you!