KeVita Coconut Probiotic Drink: The New Health Drink?

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

kevita drinkKeVita is the name for a new probiotic coconut based health drink in the market.

They sent me a few free drinks to test out. There are negatives, but mostly all positives that I found.

Have you heard of kombucha? This is similar.

At first glance, KeVita reminds me of GT’s Synergy kombucha which is another probiotic drink that I am obsessed with. However, the taste and ingredients are a little different.

What is KeVita?

KeVita is made from fermented coconut water and/or tea. The secret fermentation process creates their special probiotics. Then, they add some more coconut water, and/or stevia, some fruit puree, and a splash of vinegar.

What you get is a slightly bubbly, mildly sweet elixir. To compare, kombucha is made from fermenting black tea which results in a more acidic, vinegar flavor. The KeVita tastes very mild, but you can almost taste and smell the probiotics like you do in yogurt. I didn’t mind it much, but others might not like this.

KeVita Health Benefits

You may be asking, “Why would I go to the trouble of buying this more expensive beverage and drinking it?”

  • Most flavors are about 20 calories per bottle (some are 40 calories per 16 oz. bottle)
  • Sugars are very low: Most about 2 – 8 grams maximum per bottle.
  • Stevia is used to sweeten lightly
  • The specific types of probiotics used have shown anti-inflammatory and immune modulating affects on the body.
  • The types of probiotics used are high quality and should survive the travel through the stomach acid. Read more about probiotics here.
  • KeVita costs about as much as a fancy coffee (or, in some cases, less).

probiotic kevita drink

The Dietitian Opinion

I enjoyed the pomegranate flavor best. It had the best flavor. I don’t like the taste of coconut, but I know others love the flavor, so I am sure they would enjoy these.

I put my boyfriend to the test and he didn’t like the after taste. He said it almost had a yogurt after taste.

Overall, I enjoyed the quality drink and it was refreshing mid-morning or in the afternoon to have something other than water to sip on. I still have to say, I prefer my strawberry kombucha—probably because it is a little more sugary (and I feel more relaxed when I drink it)! However, the KeVita is probably a little better for me since it has less sugar.

What do you think, have you tried KeVita or any other probiotic drinks?


  1. Robin

    Watch out drinking the Kevita sparkling probiotic drinks if you have an issue with yeast. I can’t have yeast or sugar due to yeast overgrowth issues in my gut. My gut was looking great as per test results and then I went and drank one of these Kevitas. The next day my armpits broke out in an all too familiar rash. Yeast! It’s been 4 days and it has not subsided. I first encountered that dratted itchy armpit rash after I drank kombucha last year. Then I realized how kombucha was made and was kicking myself. Now I’m kicking myself TWICE as hard. Too bad for me because those drinks taste really good! They should have better labeling. Contains yeast. That isn’t so hard. If someone with CIBO drank one of those they would have some really big health problems.

  2. Danielle Black

    The Hibiscus one is amazing! Had the slight taste of roses. Also, one of the lowest in cals/ sugar.

  3. Gigi

    I had the Mojita Lime/Mint Coconut. I really liked it. It was like drinking a slightly flavored sparkling water.

  4. matt dunlap

    Thus drinks sucks.very bad

  5. Surfdancer

    I love Kevita!!! My fave is Lemon Cayenne Cleanse/ super delicious!!! I split into 2 servings cuz it can overload me if done all at once/ I get plenty of prebiotics thru other foods/liquids so don’t want to over do/used to be hooked to GT Daves Trilogy Kombucha but prefer this now/ not sure why? I do know.if you like to eat sweets this may not be sweet enough for you / that’s exactly why I love it / mixture of flavors just perfect and just right amount of bubbles / 🙂
    Split with a bit of unsweetened green n mint iced tea for stretching it out /

  6. Larry Oliver

    I just bought the Mojita Lime Mint Coconut at a local grocery chain. Frys Market owned by Krogers. I made my own Kumbuchi years ago but I had to go over to a friends house and get the culture (looked like a flat mushroom) from her as I was not talented enough to grow it. I know KeVita is not kombuchi per se, but this is the first drink I have tried that was not a kombuchi probiotic. I almost bought some pills made by NatureMade with the same lactobacilus but I opted for the liquid. I never trust vitamins. They are 90 percent rock—magnesium sterate. Who needs rocks in their diet.

  7. Staci

    I LOVE KeVita! Drink one every day. I have had problems with reflux in the past and this really seems to help. My favorite flavor is Strawberry Acai Coconut.

  8. Patricia Hoffman

    I wonder what they use to culture KeVita coconut water drinks? Do they use water kefir grains or a SCOBY, like kombucha?

    • Sandy

      Kefir if I am not mistaken. That is what makes it different than Kombucha.

  9. Kasia

    I absolutely LOVE my KeVita. I always stock up when they go on sale at our local sprouts store. My fave so far it the mojito lime mint coconut.

  10. Neftali

    Delicious and healthier than coffee.

  11. Kichael

    Thanks for sharing the details! I love Kevita! The sparkling one is great but like drae said that Cinammon Apple Cider Vinegar Kombucha version is it! The first time I tried Kombucha I didn’t have any idea what I was getting into. I was just thirsty and my hubby grabbed something that he thought I’d like out of a gas station during a long trip. We both winded up spitting it out thinking it had gone bad and trashing it. So I braced myself each time I tried a new flavor of these. I love how they are slightly bubbly crisp and clean tasting. The ones at our local Walmart are packaged a little differently than what you are showing here but we do have a few of the flavors. I prefer the lemon ginger. If we had the ACV Kombucha version here in town I would probably drink it everyday! I usually split a bottle into two or three servings throughout the day though. I couldn’t imagine drinking it all at once.

  12. Lu Ann

    Love the concept but haven’t found a flavor I like. If I mix regular lemonade with the kevita lemon cayenne (half & half) am I losing the probiotic benefit?

  13. Ronnie Trosclair

    I love all of them!! The only one not crazy about in Coconut Mint !!

  14. Kiley

    I love it!! The Madter Brew Kombucha GINGER is AMAZING for morning sickness. I realize most pregnant women stay away from any caffeine but I’ve had two other healthy pregnancies so a bit of Caffiene is hardly going to make or break the deal here. Obv check with your dr first before drinking this to ward off any morning sickness. Other than that I love the lemon cayenne- helps cleanse naturally!!! And I love the strawberry acai and pour some in my wine glass to still feel fancy at night!!!!

  15. Stacey

    I had been drinking Synergy’s Black kombucha with chia seeds after my daily run but my new absolute favorite is the Kevita Mango Coconut. I am addicted and my gut loves it. ?

  16. drae

    I tried the Cinnamon Apple Cider Vinegar yesterday with my lunch that I purchased at Whole Foods and it was awesome. I loved the subtle taste of the apple cider vinegar with a hint of cinnamon because drinking ACV alone is often very strong and I sip on it a little at a time; drinking this Kevita Cinnamon ACV oh my goodness, it was such a treat! I am trying to find where I can purchase an entire case online and I will probably make out cheaper. I am definitely in love with KeVita 🙂

  17. Veronica

    I absolutely love this stuff! And the difference it has made for my body is insane! I drink one a day now. I’ve also tried kombucha and I like that too, but I’m not a sweets person so I prefer the Kevita drinks!

  18. Iris hager

    I love this drink! I love the coconut and coconut mint. I wish it was less expensive because I would like to drink it everyday. For now it’s a wonderful refreshing treat .

  19. Sassafras

    I had the lemon Ginger one the other day and I enjoyed it. Although I was hoping the flavor would be a little bit more robust for what I paid. I would buy it again if I was feeling saucy.

  20. Julie

    I am addicted to this stuff. I love all the flavors and althogh i drink two a day at $3.39 per bottle, it’s cheaper and healthier than my starbucks skinny vanilla latte this is replacing.

    • Curt

      $2.79 at Walmart – FYI

  21. Spectra

    I haven’t seen them where I shop yet, but I’d be interested in them. I have tried kombucha and frankly, I just can’t stand the way it tastes. I would buy this if it tastes good and if it’s reasonably priced. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

    • Nicole German (RD, LD)

      Yeah, it is relatively new. I saw it at Whole Foods half a year ago, so probably some more large stores will start carrying it.

    • drae

      Try WholeFoods

      • JOse

        I get it in Walmart