Has Dr. Oz Lost All Credibility?

By Ted

Dr. Oz has been around for awhile and arose to fame after appearing on Oprah regularly. Then, he launched his own show….

A few green coffee supplements, raspberry ketones, and what seems like a few hundred other recommended supplements later…We now get this.

The Dr. Oz Swimsuit Slim Down

I also saw him on the Today Show whining about marketers using his name and likeness to sell supplements online.

What does he expect? He stands in front of the world, recommends a probably useless dietary supplement, and he thinks no one will take advantage of his recommendation in their marketing ploys?

I do think it’s wrong to use his likeness and name, but the truth is, he did endorse the supplement by recommending it on his show and millions will go out and buy it because HE told them to. Most of these supplements have such weak scientific data to support their effectiveness and are essentially a waste of money.

I think when Dr. Oz started endorsing weight loss supplements, he “jumped the shark”. In my opinion, he has lost all credibility since he is so much about supplements, juice cleanses, and swimsuit slim downs.

As a doctor he should be promoting safe, natural weight loss by eating healthy and exercising, instead of recommending a bunch of supplements that haven’t been proven effective.

What do you think? Has Dr. Oz lost all credibility?


  1. nancy morgan-boucher

    5/10/2016. Bought “samples” of Skin Elements $3.95 and “Eye Vibe”$4.95, online with a recommendation from Dr. Oz attached. Received credit card billings from company “HealDir.*Bejeweled for 92.79 97.83 for 0.5 fl. oz. and and 92.79 for 1 fl oz, they said was “authorized by me in the agreement to try “trial”. Now they say “trial was actual size stated above and since I kept it they charged me the “balance” of the products totaling$190.62! I called customer service which was obviously a telemarketing place by the sound of the din of noise. After spending an hour plus where they tried holding me to the ridiculous price and talking to their “supervisor” and “manager” and offering me 40% off, I reiterated again that I did not approve such a charge. Finally got them down to me paying $20. total, them crediting me$170.62 with return of product, which by the way caused my entire face to puff out. THANK YOU DR. CHARLATAN – I MEAN DR. OZ. Had suspicions before, but fell for this one. My bad.

  2. Mehitabel

    Did he ever really have any? Really?

    • Ted

      I think he did back in the beginning before the flashing lights of fame.

  3. carol

    i dont like him anymore…recommends too many supplements

  4. carol


  5. Ulrika Funkqvist

    Long time ago…. As a public person and as a doctor, I am amazed, he will obviously do anything to make an extra buck. He doesn’t seem to have any knowledge about healthy lifestyles and more importantly, he doesn’t seem to care.

  6. Dave

    I followed one of his recommendations and the the product made me sick.

  7. Spectra

    His show used to be really good–he used to have people on the show who were struggling with an issue like sugar addiction, obesity, eating disorders, etc. and he’d put them in the “truth tube” to show them how unhealthy they were. Now, it seems like all he ever does on the show is tout certain supplements or workout programs to help with various conditions. I don’t think he personally endorses any of them monetarily, but it doesn’t stop him from telling his viewers what to take to drop 5 lbs after menopause 😛

  8. Jim

    You mean he had credibility to begin with?

    • Bethany

      Hahaha. This made me laugh. I agree with Spectra, though. In the very beginning he had a pretty good message, but not anymore.

      • Ted

        Yes, I would agree with that too. His show started out good, but definitely changed .. I’m not sure why either.. If there is no financial gain for recommending weight loss supplements why is he doing it? Makes me wonder.