Get Your Buffet On with Gluttony Pants!

By Ted

My parents love to go to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

I hate it, but they insist on dragging me there when I come to visit. Not only do I eat too much, but I don’t like the sight of obese people gorging themselves on plates and plates of such unhealthy food.

However, I guess life just got a little more comfortable for buffet lovers, especially the ones that haven’t just given up and resorted to Moo Moo’s yet.

Introducing Gluttony Pants


man wearing gluttony pants

So, for all those buffet loving overeaters that don’t want to wear sweat pants on their Friday night date to the buffet, Gluttony Pants will allow them look stylish while still being able to “get their money’s worth“.

Gluttony pants can be yours for $100.


  1. O.

    Funny thing about me and buffets is that my enjoyment goes down when I mix to many vastly different types of foods. Like for instance fried chicken, taco’s, and spaghetti.

    I have to have something that resembles a “normal” plate of food from a regular menu… like cole slaw and corn with the fried chicken instead of tacos and spaghetti.

    I guess because that is the way we normally eat, and the big buffet restaurant chains are fairly new in my area.

    I also can’t mix different ethnic foods in one meal. One time I got the asian flavored chicken wings with my pizza from Pizza Hut, and I nearly threw up. I can’t mix those flavors.

  2. Jim

    It kind of looks like your fly is hanging open.

  3. Spectra

    LOL–my husband needs a pair of these for when we go to Old Country Buffet. He always eats way, way too much when we go there.

  4. Rob

    This is just really really sad…