The Food Industry Spends 2 Billion a Year to Brainwash Your Kids!

By Ted

I’m not sure how the food industry STILL manages to get away with this.

Childhood obesity and weight related health issues have never been greater, yet most lawmakers turn a blind eye.

Here’s a great TED talk that discusses this issue and how one brave woman is standing up to the food industry giants.

The only way we’ll win this battle is if we vote with our money and quit buying their products. And, we have to share this message virally so that parents everywhere can understand how their children are being, more or less, sold into junk food slavery.


  1. Kristen

    Wow! I had no idea. My daughter is only 10-months old, so we haven’t gotten to this stage yet. Thanks for the heads up, and I’ll be on high alert when the time comes!

  2. Dan

    Just as I suspected, Anna Lappe is the daughter of Frances Moore Lappe, who is a graduate of the same college I went to- Earlham College.

  3. Jill

    You are right, but the kids do not pay for the groceries. I think the parents can do a lot about it, Like you said, vote with your money

  4. Spectra

    I totally agree–we need to stop advertising junk food, period. I did have a problem with Mayor Bloomberg banning certain sized sodas in NYC, but I would absolutely not have a problem with a ban on junk food advertising. They banned cigarette ads on TV long ago–time to ban the ads for fast food, sugary sodas and cereals, and chips and cookies. If people want them, they’ll buy them, but kids are extremely vulnerable to advertising, so the fewer ads they see, the better.