Don’t Believe Coke’s Lies, Watch the Real Truth About Their Drinks

By Ted

A few weeks ago Coca Cola launched a new ad campaign praising themselves for making a difference in the obesity epidemic.

We posted that video here.

Here’s a Coke video that’s much more aligned with the truth! It starts out similar to the original, but then takes a dramatic twist.


  1. O.

    It’s all a matter of opinion.

    When I was a kid my mother gave me ginger ale or 7up when I was sick. To this day soda is the only thing that I can use to cure nausea and diet soda is the only relief I get from food cravings and a critical part of keeping my weight down.

    The same companies that make sugary sodas make sodas without sugar.

    Not only that, they have tried to make the taste of diet sodas closer to that of regular soda and have marketed it as “cool” to men who think diet soda is too feminine.

  2. Dan

    My experience is that for *weight,* calories are mostly the same. Calories are not the same in terms of promoting health and satiety. I have found that I can lose weight even eating junk food, as long as I maintain an overall calorie deficit.

    I don’t lose weight eating a healthy diet if there is no calorie deficit. It isn’t that if one merely eats a healthy diet, that one can eat all the healthy calories they want and still lose weight. However, eating junk food while maintaining a calorie deficit will lead to weight loss initially, but one will not be satisfied by how much one eats, since the body is not receiving proper nutrition. This can lead to greater hunger and thus regain.

    A person can be more satisfied on fewer calories when the calories one consumes are more nutrient dense- Coke has absolutely no nutrient density. It isn’t that Coke leads to weight gain if there is no overall calorie surplus.