DietBet Review: Betting On Weight Loss

By Bethany Sanders


When I decided to try DietBet, I chose the largest pot I could find.

DietBet is a website that allows you to bet money on your own weight loss.  Typical bets run in a range of $25-50.  The more players, the larger the pot.  Once your game starts, you have one month to lose 4% of your body weight.  If you win, you split the pot.  If you don’t, you lose your bet.

For me, competing to win almost $40,000 just seems more motivating then trying to win $400 (even though I knew my chances of winning more than $50 were slim.)  So I joined Danny-J’s DietBet with over 1,000 players and prize of $38,520.  And we were off…

The very first thing I discovered is that $35 is not enough money to motivate me to lose weight.  I almost immediately forgot about it.  What did motivate me to stay on track, however, was the idea of coming back here and telling you all that I failed.  Consider that your psychology lesson for the day.

What I Liked About DietBet


  • It was fun:  The money I had the potential to lose wasn’t enough to scare me into cutting my calories, but the money I had the potential to win did cross my mind every now and then.  Eat a bagel at work, or win $40,000?  Have whipped cream on my strawberries, or win $40,000?  It was fun to imagine the possibilities.
  • It was interactive:  DietBet sends daily emails during the bet with fun tips and tricks and reminders to check in frequently.  Each game has it’s own wall where members can comment, report on their progress, even upload a photo, and cheer each other on.  This is, after all, social weight loss.  If that’s motivating for you, then this feature will definitely be a plus for you.  I can barely manage my personal Facebook page, so I didn’t participate in commenting.
  • It was easy: The weighing in process was simple:  Take a full-length picture in simple clothing — no shoes, nothing in your pockets, etc — while standing on the scale.  Then take a picture of the number on your scale, then take the same picture with your own weigh-in word. The weigh-out process was the same.  I did all this with my phone in less than 5 minutes and was approved quickly.
  • It was quick:  I have a short attention span, so 30 short days from start to finish was long enough for me.

What Turned Me Off

  • It was almost too easy:  I logged into DietBet on day 2 of my game and over 200 people had already hit their weight loss goal.  Let’s say you’re a 145 pound woman.  That’s 5.8 pounds overnight!  I couldn’t figure this out, but it left me feeling like some players weren’t honoring the spirit of the game.
  • It’s still sending me daily emails.  My game is over, but every day there is still an email from DietBet in my inbox.  I just want to be friends, DietBet.  It’s not you, it’s me.

My Own Results

My Results with Dietbet

And finally, here’s what you really want to know:  How did I do?


I lost.

I hate admitting that to you right now. I worked hard.  I passed up dessert, I passed up a lot of carbs, I didn’t work out as often as I should have, but I did work out.  But I still lost.

I did reach 72% of my goal, however, which isn’t a small amount of weight for me.  So though I’m $35 poorer, my pants are looser and I feel good about my weight loss progress this month.

When the final report came from DietBet, I cringed to see what the winners took home with them.  I learned that $35 might not motivate me, but the idea of not winning $100 or more for that last 8% kind of hurt.  The winners took home $50 and some change.  Not bad, but not too painful.

All in all it was a fun experience.  I may sign up again sometime if I find myself struggling, but overall I discovered that it’s my own personal goals and my dedication to them at the time that motivate me to make healthy choices, not money.

Have you tried DietBet or a similar weight loss betting website?


  1. Becky

    My sister and I just did one together. We both won; however, I think it’s only because we both did our initial weigh-in after a full day of meals when we were at our heaviest weight and did our final weigh-out first thing in the morning when we were at our lowest weight (which is not against the rules). Four percent of your body weight in four weeks doesn’t sound like much, but it is. For me (around 125 lbs), it meant losing five lbs–or more than a lb a week–which I don’t think is really healthy or doable. Comparing my weight first thing in the morning, I didn’t lost five lbs, but I did legitimately lose three, which isn’t bad. The contest didn’t really motivate me until the day before the final weigh in. Also, as others have said, the payout isn’t great. I think we won $12 more than the $35 we put in.

  2. Kat

    I signed up for two at a time so I had something to loose. It offers Great moral support if you take the time to use the community feed. For me it wasn’t as much about winning something at the end but more about not losing the money I put into it. Whatever I might win at the end was just a bonus. And as far as DietBet making money, why shouldn’t they make money they’re the ones with the idea and putting in the work to make it happen. I commend them and thank them for their efforts. Because this is working for me.

  3. Connie

    I was wondering , Are you just making a one time bet ?
    Then do you have one month to lose the 4% of your weight on the scale picture you submitted ?
    And all people who lost that weight , they split the pot right ?
    But how are people only winning like 13 – 50 dollars but advertised is some winning thousands ?
    And If I have over 100 to lose, after I lose my first 4% do I bet again to lose the next 4% ?
    And what if I wanted to lose 100 lbs in one year are there betting groups for that and winner takes all if met, or split the pot if more lost that amount by the date ?
    I like the idea, I just have those questions.

    • Asia B

      The 4% is a one time bet and you have from the moment you place your bet until the end date to lose that 4%. You can bet again to lose 4% or you can do a Transformer (the 4% is called a Kickstarter) that is losing 10% in 6 months and each month you pay the bet for the month (or you can pay it all upfront and get the last month free). You will ALWAYS get you money back if you meet your goal (that just means DietBet doesn’t get there cut). Say the pot is at 38,500. That mean 1100 people bet $35. If 700 of those 1100 people reach their goal that would mean each person gets $55. However, that is before DietBet takes their earnings. If you lose more than the goal that doesnt really matter

  4. Torie

    I am curious about the payouts… you just get the money credited to your DietBet account, or do they actually send you a check?

    • Wendy Y

      They credit your account or payout via pay pal. I didn’t know this and am really frustrated. I don’t have pay pal and I don’t want to use their service again. The took 25% or the total pot. But that works out to really be 66% of the total winnings. If the pot had been divided equally I would have won $12 over what I put in. But I “walked away” with only $4 over what I put in. I say “walk away” but really they still have my money. I feel scammed. Don’t bother.

  5. Janet Portillo

    Never again!! I bet $100 and the pot was $36,900. After working hard for a month to meet my goal, I won a measly $13. It was pathetic. This app takes advantage of the players. They made out with $7,380?! Yeah, they rape you with their fees. My Game was Bet Big, Win Big…what a crock. More like Bet Big, Win Pennies!!!

    • Yvonne

      Not that it helps you now, but it it looks they have a rule that allows you to break even if you win:
      New “No Lose Guarantee”
      This guarantee ensures that if you win your dietbet, you won’t lose money. Most winners make money (about 1.5 to 2x on average) but in the event that your game has an unusually high percentage of winners, we’ll forfeit our cut in order to ensure that nobody loses money. So the worst case scenario is that you’ll end up losing weight for free, which is still a big win.

    • Sasha

      Most likely a higher bet of $100 dollars has much higher completion rate over smaller prizes, since it hurts less to lose $30 dollars than $100. You might have a better return if you did a longer challenge or did three $30 challenges all at once.

  6. Elina

    I never do anything like this ever so I can’t say anything about it.

    • 57483958

      So why did you comment? duh

  7. Michelle

    I can’t help wondering how often you can play and cheat and get a few bucks. Could I like join 50 games and cheat on them all and if I won $8 from each, I’d get a free $400!?! I know that’s not the spirit of the game and not something I’d actually do, but I wonder if it can be done…

    • Ted

      well, you have to buy into each game and most are like a $25 or $35 bet, so you would spend $1250 to cheat and win $400. Probably not the best strategy to make a buck 😉

    • Reggie

      You can only do 3 games at a time and if, after a while if it appears that you aren’t being honest they can request a video of you weighing in. All in all it is a lot of trouble. Then there is the idea of living with yourself afterward.

  8. Kristen

    I haven’t tried these systems, but I’ve heard the name thrown out a lot, so thanks for trying it and filling us in! I personally don’t think this would be very helpful for me…but I think it might totally motivate my husband! Maybe I’ll see if he wants to earn $40k for us! 😉 If lots of people achieve their goals though, does the pot just end up getting split between them all?

    • Bethany

      Yes. Had I won, I would have gotten $50 back, which I’m guessing is pretty average.

  9. Spectra

    I’ve never done something like this, but I think that something like this could be exactly what my husband needs to lose the 25 lbs he’s gained since we got married. It seems like money is the only way to motivate him, lol. I like the idea–I was wondering how you could prevent cheating, but when I read how the weigh-in is done, I get it now. Sounds cool!

    • Bethany

      I’m not sure that they really do enough to prevent cheating. Other sites require doctor verification which is way less convenient, but prevents dishonesty. Good luck to your husband!

      • Jamie

        I would like to some other trusted weight loss sites for contests that you need dr verification of weight for if you know of any.

      • Christina

        Can you let us know sites that require doctor verification? Though everyone keep in mind: copays! If you either have bad or no insurance, you might as well not bet. It may not be worth it. But yeah, I would love for you to share those other sites so we can check them out. I would consider something like this is there was a more trustworthy method.