Could You Follow a Mostly Raw Vegan Diet?

By Ted

How do you know if a vegan is in the room?

Oh, don’t worry they’ll tell you…..

In all seriousness, could you follow a mostly raw vegan diet? Here is what a typical daily meal plan looks like for this mostly raw vegan.

There are many different forms of this diet, but I think I would have a problem with all of the fruit featured in this one!

I usually eat some blueberries, a banana, an avocado and an apple a day, but her fruit intake seems crazy. That is a lot of sugar!

What are your comments on Fit on Raw’s mostly raw vegan diet? Could you do it?


  1. Michelle

    There’s a raw vegan restaurant here in Chicago that has some unbelievable healthy and delicious food. I find this diet lacking in creativity. Salad and plain fruit? Boring. Woefully small amounts of nuts, seeds, legumes, etc. I don’t feel like this is the most balanced diet and it’s not a good representation of what many vegans eat.

    I agree it’s a lot of fruit. Fruit is healthy, but with how much she eats I wonder how many calories a day are from fructose.

    I can’t imagine giving up cooking especially because I love beans and legumes. Also, I just don’t believe the ideology behind raw food diets. Cooking doesn’t “kill” food. Yes some nutrients are lost, but some are actually increased with cooking. Variety is the key.

  2. O.

    I have an easier time eating fruit than veggies… so it’s possible

  3. Dan

    I eat a mostly Vegan diet, and for the most part I don’t see anything wrong with her diet. Possibly she could eat a greater variety of fruits and vegetables, maybe eat tomatoes- just make sure she eats all the colors. Berries are also the healthiest fruits. I do think it is important as she does, to eat greens every day. I never skip a day in eating greens. I seem to eat quite a bit more nuts and seeds than she does. She eats rice because she doesn’t claim to be perfectly raw in her diet. She does spout off a little anti grain rhetoric, but the bran of grains is very nutrient dense, such as wheat, oat and rice bran. It is good she eats nutritional yeast, esp if this is fortified with B12, as Red Star is. I don’t personally like nutritional yeast very much, so I get my B 12 from fortified cereals and fortified soymilk. I also don’t see any harm in eating a lot of fruit, except that there is some evidence that the acids in fruits esp. citrus are bad for one’s teeth. Maybe a person should rinse their mouth out with water after eating fruit. Personally my physical health is very good and far better than it was when I was obese, but I’m having more problems with my teeth, although they have never been that good.

  4. Spectra

    How is she eating rice if she’s on a raw diet? I thought you couldn’t cook things on a raw diet. I would imagine that raw rice would be really crunchy.