Can Motivational Hypnosis Make You Skinny?

By Ted

motivational-hypnosis Think

David Meine sure believes so, which is the premise behind his new book, Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline.

When I hear the word hypnosis I automatically think of a swinging pocket watch, a nerdy guy saying “you’re getting sleepy”, and a nervous person lying on a chase lounge.

The person is then told to act like a chicken and he or she willingly does so, because their mind has been taken over…..

Luckily, David Meine gives us a much more digestible concept concerning what motivational hypnosis is all about.

Motivational hypnosis is a conversation between you and a certified hypnotherapist, whom you trust, who uses hypnosis either in person or in an audio program. this person helps you calm your conscious mind and allow your subconscious mind to be open to positive suggestions, which will change the negative behaviors that hold you back from a healthy lifestyle.

Basically, it is a method to change the tape (mp3 for you youngins) that often plays over and oven in our minds from negative, self defeating thoughts to affirming, success producing thoughts.

Now that’s something I can totally buy into! I have learned from previous personal struggles that changing they way I was thinking was the key to overcoming them.

The 10 Negative Behaviors That Keep People Fat

David says that there are 10 behaviors that keep people from losing weight and/or getting healthy.

  1. Not consistently getting a good night’s sleep
  2. Not dealing with stress appropriately
  3. Not being able to visualize having your ideal body shape
  4. Allowing sabotage from yourself and others
  5. Not drinking enough water
  6. Eating too infrequently
  7. Eating quickly
  8. Eating until (or past) full
  9. Eating and drinking too much sugar
  10. Lacking the motivation to create a healthy body shape through consistent exercise.

Most likely there is a negative thought of belief pattern tied to most, if not all of the behaviors listed above.

When I was studying for my master’s degree, I studied the REBT Theory of counseling, which is centered on irrational beliefs leading to negative or self-destructive behavior, so this makes total sense.

In REBT they don’t really use “hypnosis” per say, but repetitive positive self-talk and exercises to change thought patterns. In any event, this method has been successful for many, including myself.

Perhaps motivational hypnosis is a more intensive approach for people that need more assistance in retraining the way they think. This book looks like an interesting read for those that are interested in the mind body connection and for those that try every diet under the sun, but still can’t seem to lose weight or eat healthier.

Think is available on Amazon.


  1. Kristen

    Interesting ideas indeed. I’ve heard of hypnosis being used for smoking cessation, so it makes sense that it would be tried with weight loss in the same way. I’m curious what the research shows about efficacy. Regardless, though, I like how this guy thinks–recognizing stuff as simple as a lack of sleep related to weight.

  2. Jim

    These are great ideas, but not easy to do when you’ve spent a lifetime thinking a certain way.

  3. Spectra

    Interesting! I can sort of see the methodology of this…if you are fat and have always been fat, it’s impossible to visualize the thin you. And sometimes all it takes for you to change a habit is tell yourself that you don’t do that anymore. I had a hard time giving up my beloved Frappuccinos from Starbucks, but when I told myself that I don’t drink sugary drinks anymore, it became easier for me to turn them down. Basically, I was creating new rules for myself that kept me from pigging out on junk ever again. This book sounds really interesting–I’ll have to check it out.