Are Revolution Foods Meal Kits Healthier Than Lunchables?

By Ted

Revolution Foods Meal Kits is in the midst of launching, its own version of kid’s lunches, which are in direct competition with Oscar Meyer’s Lunchables.

These are  being marketed as a “healthier” option, but are they?

In general, I think products like these are horrible. I know, I know… kids love them and they are convenient. BUT, they are so wasteful and expensive.

The packaging…

The price…

The processing…

Anyway, let’s take a look at what’s under the hood of Revolution Foods Meal Kits.



Well that sounds nice, but let’s dig deeper.


Healthier, but here are my gripes with this one….

About 40% of the total calories is coming from fat and not the good kind.

Sugar is a dominant ingredient. It’s in the meat, in the crackers, and in the fruit snack.

Almost 1/2 of a kid’s daily recommended sodium intake. They say 18%, but they are clearly basing this on an adult’s 2000mg recommendation. 

Now let’s look at Lunchable’s ingredients. 

Well I tried, but for some reason they aren’t as transparent about the nutrition of their current products.

There’s quite a few listed on MyFitnessPal, but not sure how current they are and it sure isn’t pretty.

Yes, these are healthier than Lunchables, but if all possible pack your kid’s lunch yourself including fresh fruit and veggies in a reusable box.

What’ s your opinion on these meals? 



  1. Susan

    I’m glad to know the truth behind the glossy Citi commercial…
    Why can’t we do better than this?
    Where did REAL, fresh, healthy food options for kids go? Isn’t anyone prioritizing this anymore?
    It takes money, time and work to keep them fed well. It’s hugely important. It’s WORTH IT!

  2. Linda K. Lester

    It may be a tad better than Lunchables, but looking at that nutrition label, I would not want to consume it.

  3. Paul Daveril

    Some innovative foods are healthy yet I personally prefer “fresh” foods. However, I stumbled upon this post that looks promising. Heard about Soylent?

  4. O.

    Hormel has something new called rev wraps. If you see the commercial , it makes them out to be the food version of Gatoraid. But it looks like a tortilla with meat and cheese.

    I wanted to try one, but couldn’t find them at Wal Mart when I looked for them a few days ago.

  5. Spectra

    They are maybe a scoche better than a Lunchable, but I’m sure they are still a bad choice. I believe my dog’s premium kibble has fewer preservatives than that stuff. Yuck.

    • Ted

      What? You don’t like to eat mold inhibitor?