A Grotesque View of McNuggets Under a Microscope

By Ted

Grab your popcorn and 3D glasses…

You are about to be swept away to another planet full of strange objects and unidentifiable fibers.

However, this grotesque world hasn’t been created on a Hollywood sound stage, but rather, is in any size box of Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds!

I haven’t eaten a McNugget in forever, but now I’m sure to never eat one again.



  1. O.

    I didn’t see anything that disgusting…

    Look this isn’t rocket science…. if no one has become sick or died directly from eating this product in a way that is NOT in conjunction with tampering, allergies, or food safety issues…. it’s not in of itself dangerous. Scare tactics are silly.

    I once saw a report on CNBC about what McDonalds has to compete with in China.

    They showed a traditional Chinese dish from a food vendor. Little scorpion like creatures served impaled on a stick….. still moving!
    100% natural food.

    • Ted

      McNuggets and foods like them have killed thousands of people indirectly through contributing to heart disease, hypertension, obesity etc. So, if the video scares a few people into making better choices then I think that’s a good thing. I think if something is called “chicken” then it should look like chicken both to the naked eye as well as under the microscope. 🙂

      • O.

        Ok, point well taken. But would you eat something that’s still moving ? 🙂

  2. Green Solution Collective

    It seems that there are many things in the McNugget that dont really belong there. Never been fond of Mcnuggets and I will continue not eat one.

  3. Spectra

    Well, to be fair, most things look about 100x more disgusting under the microscope. Your garden produce probably has specks of dirt and worm poop on it under the scope, too–those fibers are probably from the factory where they mince up the chicken. I haven’t eaten a McNugget in years and I’m definitely not about to start now, though. I’d rather eat the worm poop.

    • Michelle

      Mmm worm poop. Probably adds some valuable nutrients.

      I was wondering if the blue things were bugs. I assume most of us eat bugs daily without realizing it.