9 Chicken Legs or 3 Scoops of Protein Powder?

By Ted

I was just sent this interesting graphic showing how much food you would have to eat in order to get the max daily doses of the equivalent supplements.

Disclaimer: This was made by a supplement company…surprise, surprise!

In any event, it’s interesting but I’ll stick to getting my nutrition through whole foods. I’ll take some fish oil and B vitamins from time to time, but eating whole foods is so much better than taking supplements any day.

Also, several of these supplements listed below are not essential, especially in the amounts illustrated.


What do you think about this graphic?

Do you prefer supplements or whole foods?

Source: http://blog.supplementcentre.com/supplements-vs-food/


  1. Heather

    They’re right.

    The right side DOES look tastier.

  2. @healthydiethelp

    Two thoughts:
    1) Its a great visual, but doesn’t really help the individual make decisions about daily eating/lifestyle choices.

    2) Kind of explains why higher end supplements can be pricey, yet cost effective in terms of the nutrient power you’re buying. Just comparing the cost of a Vitamin E bottle to how much 600 kiwis would cost is a no-brainer.

    Spectra, I agree we don’t all need that a high a concentration of all those vitamins and minerals all the time, but I would suggest that more people are running deficiencies than we might at first expect, and thus need them.

    • Spectra

      To be fair, some of those amounts aren’t that unreasonable. I eat about two cups of carrots a day–they give me close to my daily intake of vitamin
      A, but I doubt most people need as much iron as is in three blocks of tofu. That’s probably why iron supplements tend to make you constipated. Your body can’t handle all of that at once.

  3. Spectra

    My problem with supplements is this: I highly doubt that we need any of those nutrients in that high of a dose all at once. That’s probably why food has the concentration it does of certain vitamins/minerals–to prevent overdosing. The only supplements I take are a calcium/vit D and fish oil because I don’t eat a lot of dairy.

    • Michelle

      I completely agree. My first thought was that taking such high dose supplements and eating a balanced diet might mean overdosing on certain nutrients!

  4. Jim

    Yep, lets just eat pills from now on. Good luck with your digestive health.