10 Not So Helpful Healthy Diet Tips

By Ted

This video is probably the direct opposite of anything we should be doing to eat healthy!

But, some of these are pretty funny and I may or may not be guilty of some of them from time to time.

How about you? Did any of these hit home?


  1. hannah

    oh that is nice post.
    however there are such tips in this post that one can have healthy life if he adopt these instructions!

  2. Kelly

    He he! On a serious note though, all jokes have an underlying point and I think the one here is to stop trying to trick ourselves and feel guilty so much! All the time we put into that takes our focus away from thinking about all the other stuff going on in our lives while putting more focus on food which makes our relationship with it more complicated! I try to trick myself with time by setting my watch back and I’m even later because I have to do the math to try and work out what time it really is 😉

  3. O.

    LOL! This reminds me of people making fun of people ordering diet soda with their fast food meal. Which I just did this week at Wendy’s.

    Hey where do you want to spend your calories? Larger cups of sugary soda can have enough calories to rival eating an extra sandwich. So if you just got to treat yourself…

  4. Heather

    That is funny!

  5. Spectra

    LOL @ the coffee one–no way would I swap out my coffee for water. The idea of that WOULD make me laugh uncontrollably!