The Healthy Frozen Burrito Eater’s Guide

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

2980-5115619178_5076d5ed70_m.jpgDesperate for a last minute, fast lunch idea, I found myself buying a frozen burrito.

My quick trip turned into a 10 minute grocery store stop reading all the frozen food labels.

You would think there couldn’t possibly be a light and healthy frozen food burrito option, but I found a few that can satisfy the taste buds.

Here’s how the good and bad “roll” up…..

Healthier Brands of Frozen Burritos

  • Cedarlane Chicken Burritos: The company uses mostly organic and all natural ingredients. Most burritos are around 300 calories. The only negative is that a few burritos contain sodium above 600 mg. Ideally, it would be best to keep the sodium at or below 600 mg per meal.
  • Cedarlane Vegetarian Burritos and Wraps: Most contain on average 12 or 13 grams of protein per burrito, and are likely a complete protein (containing all the amino acids needed for health).
  • Glutenfreeda Burritos: Good for those who need gluten free products. These contain plenty of natural ingredients, and the sodium and calories are even lower. About 200 mg sodium and about 200 calories per burrito.
  • Amy’s Burritos and Wraps: There are 17 different varieties. They have gluten free options, vegan and vegetarian options, and even lower sodium varieties. Depends on what your health preferences are, but you can surely find one that you like.
  • 2981-EVOL_CBR_Nutr.jpg

  • Evol Burritos: The company specifically states that they use cage-free and antibiotic-free chicken. The only problem I have with these burritos is the use of white flour tortillas, and higher sodium levels in some burritos.

    Try the veggie fajita which contains whole wheat flour, less sodium, and only 290 calories! Or try their “snack size” burritos which are about 180 calories, and then add a side vegetable dish for a more complete meal.

Avoid These

  • El Monterey Burritos and Chimichangas: A few contain a small amount of trans fat and more preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • Tina’s Burritos: No trans fat, but contain plenty of soy, corn, and other processed additives.
  • Reser’s Baja CafĂ© Burritos: Again, these contain plenty of cereal ingredients like corn and soy protein added to their meats. Their tortilla products contain trans fat.

Avoid appetizer products like taquitos and other processed Mexican style frozen foods because they tend to be loaded with trans fat, sodium, and artificial ingredients. A diet disaster.

Quick Tips

If you need something quick, a few of these natural and organic burritos can be a healthier “fast food” option. But, I recommend pairing that with some fresh vegetables or a fruit to balance out the meal.

The main downside is that the sodium levels are higher than I would like. But, you would still be choosing a healthier option than if you went to Taco Bell!

Do you eat frozen burritos?


  1. marc shultz

    Are the lean hot pockets ok? are they high in fat? Are turkey burgers better? Thanks

  2. alanc230

    I haven’t seen the other brands, but I am definitely going to look harder for Amy’s products in our stores. My family enjoys burritos.

  3. catherine

    i am so glad to have found your blog.
    it is refreshing to read and pleasent on the eyes.
    i also have a weight loss web site blog, and i thank you for yours. i am not going to put up any ads or spam on this site or any site for that matter , just wanted to say thank you for such nice pleasant read.

  4. Spectra

    I don’t eat them myself, but I remember that my dad used to buy them all the time when we were kids. He usually took them to eat for his lunch at work and we weren’t supposed to eat them ourselves. I think I may have eaten 1 or 2 of them in my entire life. I don’t care much for them, personally. I think they taste kind of like paste.

  5. O.

    I am a big fan of cedarlane and Amy’s.

    Amy’s cheese enchiladas and cedarlane’s eggplant parmesean are to die for.