Raspberry Ketone Diet: Miracle or Hype?

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

2971-1095310_raspberry.jpgDr. Mehmet Oz recently proclaimed the benefits of consuming raspberry ketone supplements on his TV program, The Dr. Oz Show.

There has been increased hype about the supplement as a fat burner and a metabolism booster.

But, do Raspberry Ketones really work?

What are Raspberry Ketones?

An enzyme derived from red raspberries put into supplement form.

The red raspberry has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, but recently we are hearing of it being used for weight loss.

Claims and Benefits

  • Burns stored fat by increasing adiponectin hormone
  • Decreased insulin production to reduce fat storage
  • Break through weight loss plateau
  • Increased metabolism and increased body temperature
  • Promising results from animal studies
  • Natural form of supplementation intended for weight loss
  • Reported low side effect risk

Caution with Weight Loss Supplements

Those with heart disease, heart conditions, asthma, COPD, or Diabetes should use extreme caution with this supplement. As always, be sure to ask your doctor about supplements before taking them.

Weight loss supplements of any kind can have added ingredients like green tea, bark extracts, caffeine, and others. The numerous ingredients should always make you proceed with caution.

A good resource is Consumer Labs where you can find out all about the ingredients in over the counter supplements.

Final Ruling

Raspberry ketones have not yet been tested on humans. Ask your doctor first, choose the most natural supplement, and proceed with caution until further studies on humans are done.

It is still too early to say whether or not this is a valid diet supplement.

As we know, there is nothing better than proper diet and exercise! Even though Dr. Oz is a doctor, it is important to remember The Dr. Oz Show is still a television program made to attract viewers and money.


  1. jenny

    Sometimes it is really hard to just exercise and eat right to loss weight! I know that I could gain weight by drinking water. I joined gym and gained 5 pounds. My friend told me that it is muscle weight 🙂

  2. assumptamoloney

    now guys and gals out there. do you really believe those before and after pics are the same person with weight loss. then im elvis….now as my own opinion as an overweight lady of 28 lbs to lose, there is no mirace cure or pill popping to lose weight. i nearly got conned into the raspberry pill saga did you read the terms and conditions…you could fill a room with all they will send ye out…now, i nearly got my credit card details out to look like their beautiful models with their slim bellies and gleaming white teeth looking out at you. what a gullible fool i was, then again thats my opinion. the only true way to weight loss is diet and exercise, i know the old boring advice. and oh by the way i think the emotions have to be taken into account. please leave your money in your purses and credit cards and dont be fooled

  3. Sherry

    I’d rather eat the fruit. How many raspberries would you have to eat to make 500 mg?

  4. Steph

    Pills are no supplement unless you desperately need something for a maintenance medication. Work in Pharmacy… we believe people tend to want to take a pill for easy way out. Take for instance high blood pressure, you may need medication to keep it down…but cycling exercise, and not eating processed foods will help tremendously. Lots of fruits and vegetables throughout your day, proteins ( meat fish eggs) eat more in the morning then taper off throughout day. 6-8 snack meals to keep metabolism level- the size of your hand. Lots of water people! Make juice,soda, alcohol a treat towards end of day…no more than 2 eight oz serving…water down with ice. Modern day fast pace people grab wrong foods…full of fats n sugars that send your body on roller coaster. Look at labels? Do they have more than five ingredients? Are they natural or lab names? Keep it simple…. and most important make it your new lifestyle and BE HAPPY. Happy people! Plus why should we give our money away on false hopes to corporation/companies that are just wanting the MONEY$$$$. Hike mountains, run beaches, have fun. Life to short, spend with friends and family that care about YOU!

  5. Michelle

    I just bought some and was wondering what dosage you took?

  6. Ariel

    Oh, another supplement! What about just eating right and exercising? And if that stuff is supposed to be so good, why not just eat raspberries? They’re super healthy, for other reasons besides this ketone thing, and taste amazing. I’m seriously tired of all of supplements. There’s too much “if you just take this supplement, you’ll be skinny in no time” fads in this world already, we don’t need anymore.

  7. Nicole

    Haha!! I wonder about Dr. Oz all the time. And it’s interesting to know that the raspberry ketones have worked for you, Janice.

    • Sue

      Dr. OZ he is really good. I have used many things for his show and even talked to my doctor about them and He is right on. So I wouldn’t say just because he is on TV he isn’t really good. Maybe someone had an idea that could help people who can’t afford insurance to even go see a doctor or like Judge Judy she is a Judge nonetheless but she does it on TV. You can still take your case to her and she will legally Judge you like the next guy and it’s real you have to do it or you will go to jail…it’s still a court of law.

  8. linda fleetwood

    i have high blood pressure for 5 years but its been under control since then by taking atenol is it safe to take raspberry ketones

  9. Janice Battersby

    I’ve bought some in the UK and they came quick… they look pretty good. So far lost 3lbs so let’s see how it holds out.

  10. Spectra

    I still think Dr. Oz must be in cahoots with some supplement manufacturers–he sure does like to pimp the supplements on his show. Some of them are probably not that harmful, but I doubt that a raspberry ketone pill is going to do much for you if you eat like crap 99% of the time. You have to have some common sense, too.

  11. Jim

    Thanks for that. I guess there is not yet any strong evidence of the fat loss claims being made.

    We are always on the search for some magic quick fix.

  12. T. Kallmyer

    But, there is no peer reviewed scientific evidence concerning its effectiveness on humans, which is what Nicole was saying. There are many supplements in the human food supply, but their inclusion doesn’t necessarily mean they’re beneficial.

  13. Maggie

    Raspberry ketone has had GRAS status with the FDA since 1965 and it’s been a food additive for a long time, so to say it’s not been tested in humans is a stretch as it has been consumed within our food supply for decades.

  14. Jennifer

    Thank you for this article. I know of a lot of people that don’t do their research into what Dr. Oz says on the show. They just think that if he says it then it is right 🙂