Lose 26 Pounds Eating at Home

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

Eating at Home for Weight LossDoes this sound like you?

“I am so frustrated with my ability to lose weight. I exercise 5 days per week, and still can’t seem to lose weight. I make all the right choices when eating out, too.”

Think about how many times you eat out. As simple as it seems, eating half (or more) of your meals at restaurants can make it extremely difficult to lose weight even if you “make the right choice”.

We often lose track of how many meals we are eating out, and then seem mystified as to why we can’t see the pounds drop.

Cut Calories in Half

Restaurants sneak in extra oils, butters, and mystery sauces creating high calorie foods.

By cutting 2 tablespoons of butter or oil, you can save 200 to 300 calories. That equals half a pound of weight loss every week!

Serve Your Own Portions

At restaurants, you don’t have as much control over the portion that is on your plate. When at home, you can easily follow the half plate vegetable rule.

However, the restaurants will serve up double or triple what you need to eat for a meal, and likely, not enough vegetables. You can also use smaller plates at home.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Make sure to plan out your grocery shopping list and the meals that you will have for the week. When we fail to plan, it is easy to resort to take-out food.

The extra 10 minutes is worth it—for your health and wallet! You will be trimming your waistline and your budget.

The key to succeeding is to be committed. Stick to the rule of eating from home, and your health will improve.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy recipe websites for home cooking:

Do you have any tricks for eating at home more?


  1. leona woodridge

    In order for you to loose weight, I advice you to eat 5 kinds of fruits everyday because they are rich in fiber. Fiber helps in burning out fats in the body.

  2. Sgupta

    We eat a lot of calories there just because it is very tempting.if you really want to reduce u have to give up going to eating out .or u can also make a choice there which is less of calories because for the working people it is not so easy to not to go there

  3. Sgupta

    You can reduce the calories in the food very easily .at home food can be prepared in less oil because food is not prepared just for the taste but for our health as well.

  4. Ryan

    Cooking your own food from scratch is the first thing I tell people to do if they want to lose weight.

    • Wilson

      It may sound complicated but yes Ryan it’s true. It works best if you go for organic foods. You can never go wrong with fresh veggies and fish. White meat is also acceptable anyway. A combination of healthy eating and exercising even at home definitely give positive impact.

  5. Ben

    This is so true.

    I remember when I was on a weight loss spree, I have to practically prepare my own food for 5 meals. It was very tough but the efforts paid off.

    When you are preparing your own food, you are in total control of what you are eating. Beware of the innocent seasonings. Even though they add taste to your food, they add calories too. I will try to eat my food as “natural” as possible to cut down the unnecessary calories.

  6. kristin

    Weight loss can be very challenging especially when you don’t have a plan of how you are going to achieve the weight loss. Losing Weight is a lifestyle change because it requires healthy lifestyle goals that will not happen unless you plan out how you can reach these weight loss goals.

    Planning out your goals gives you a way to monitor and evaluate your progress and adjust according, so you don’t go off track. Good luck I lost 42 pounds so I know how hard it is.

  7. O.

    I used to work at malls and ate all the time at the food court. It’s kind of hard to let go of the fast food habit, so I am making better choices.

    A few days ago there was an article on here about Chick-fil-a, so I decided to check out their healthier options. I fell in love with the grilled chicken wrap and the fruit cup.

  8. Linda

    I don ‘t eat out much, but when I do it is so much easier now that the restaurants are required to list calories counts of each item on the menu. I’m not sure if it’s only my state (Vermont) that requires that but if so all States should be joining in. It is shocking sometimes to see the calories in many of the menu items. I have a much easier time ordering now. Some menu items calories counts are 1800 or more calories!! Yikes!

    • ted

      Yeah tell me about it, on the Today Show they were showing restaurant burgers. Three cheeseburger w/bacon sliders from Applebee’s have 1340 calories, 87 grams of fat and 2550mg of sodium and they’re just an appetizer! gheeese!

  9. Dan

    I mainly go to all you can eat salad bar restaurants about once a week or just once every two weeks. I can do well at these restaurants if I eat a wide variety of vegetables in my salad. It is easier to get all the colors of the rainbow in the vegetables this way. Just eating the raw vegetables and not eating prepared salads is a way to drastically cut down on calories. I make sure I get dark green vegetables there, as well as beans and corn, as well as an assortment of other kinds of vegetables. I also just put balsamic vinegar along with a few sunflower seeds on my salad, instead of a lot of processed high calorie salad dressing. However, I do tend to eat a bit too much bread products in this meal and usually the scale might show a one pound gain in the next three days. Usually, after 3 days, this pound is gone. Eating at these restaurants is my “cheat” meal, but then again, I do eat a lot of healthy foods in this meal.

  10. Spectra

    We hardly ever eat at restaurants. Mostly because we are cheapskates and don’t think the quality of food is worth the price you usually have to pay. But yeah, you’d be really shocked at just how much butter, oil, sugar, etc. that they put in that stuff. To a chef, fat=flavor and many of them take a lot of pride in making tasty food; not healthy food. You really have to be careful.

  11. Jim F.

    I think the issue with eating out (a lot) is that you really have no clue what is going into your food (as has been commented).

    Its sometimes quite disturbing finding out how many calories there actually is in something that you thought was “healthy”.

  12. Greg

    Eating at home is a great way not even to cut calories, but to SAVE them! The trouble with eating out at restaurants is that they are only concerned with the taste – which unfortunately leads to copious usage of oils, sugars and salts. With the exception of salt (which is still bad in the amount we consume it in), this adds a TON of calories!