Eat like a Cow to Lose Weight

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

eat-like-a-cowWhen I heard about Eat like a Cow, by Will Addison, it sounded ridiculous.

I thought, “No, I do not want to eat like a cow”. I think I would feel pretty miserable if I did.

Poor cows don’t get much variety in their diet.

Addison is not a health professional and rest assured, he did not make this book to be scientific.

It is a humorous sometimes sarcastic approach to a quirky weight loss technique.

If you tried to eat exactly like a cow, you wouldn’t be following the principles of this book anyway.

7 Steps to Eat like a Cow

  1. Eat Greens: This is a no brainer, but cows don’t always get to eat greens. The cows that get to eat more grass get to see a little green in their diet. Following a diet full of wheat, corn, and some green grass is not optimal for humans. We need to be eating greens all day, but more broccoli, carrots, leafy greens, etc.
  2. Get Grazing: Eat small meals or snacks throughout the day so that you don’t ever get to be ravenous and end up overeating at one big meal. This helps to support the metabolism as well as maintain good energy levels.

    standing desk

    Standing Desk

  3. Stand Up and Be Cownted: Move more and sit at your desk less. Addison recommends trying a standing desk like he has. Not all of us have the ability to do this. He recommends to stand during dinner as well. I disagree with this because we need to become more mindful about our eating, and by sitting down, we are able to slow down our eating. Standing encourages rushing. The main point here is that animals do a lot of moving and standing around, and us humans should too.
  4. Drink like a Cow: Stay full, flush toxins, improve the metabolism, and reduce water weight by drinking even more water.
  5. Shake Your Tail: This one is a little far-fetched. Addison emphasizes the importance of making goals and sticking to them—swatting those flies one by one.
  6. Chew. Repeat: Slow down your eating to improve digestion and help you feel fuller faster.
  7. Eat with Your Herd: Make meals a family event. This encourages mindful eating and healthy food choices.

The book reads like a children’s book in that it is comical, relatable, and seems like fiction. It is as if you are reading a friend’s funny story about weight loss.

Some may criticize this book as lacking a professional scholarly approach, but that is not what Addison set out to do. You have to take this book for what it is—a fun read about weight loss that is not to be taken seriously.

Do you Eat like a Cow?


  1. sagajagads

    not a bad idea liked this very much and also a basic principle
    in morning take breakfast like a king -means take a heavy breakfast .
    at afternoon take meal like a normal person -eat moderate and no much.
    at night take dinner like a begger -means eat as light food as possible .
    well thnx for sharing this idea .

  2. SmoledMan

    God what a dumb articles. Humans are not herbivores.

    • Ted

      Did you read the article or just comment? The book isn’t telling people they should be vegetarians..

    • Kindle Gains O' 1 week ago

      And how did you come to that conclusion. Where are your claws to hunt, where are your teeth to bite, WHERE IS shorter small intestine. Meat starts to rot after 8 hours & humans’ small intestine is 20 ft; so meat stays there more than that…

  3. Spectra

    I saw a program on TV once that had human volunteers who ate like chimps for a week. They even had a “cage” in the zoo where they were fed the same foods they normally feed the chimps: Loads of fruit, veggies, and not a whole lot else. The people pretty much ate all day and climbed the trees that were in the “cage” to stay active. Almost all of them lost a ton of weight and claimed they felt great, but had never pooped more in their life. I believe it–I eat a LOT of fruits and veggies, but I also eat some eggs, nuts, fish and chicken as well.

    • Jim

      Cows pretty much have to eat all day to get enough nutrition out of grass (or whatever other feed they are using). I honestly couldn’t be bothered eating all day. Eating can often be a hassle, and it would be easier (sometimes) to just drink a meal.

    • Ted

      Funny, although chimps aren’t vegetarians, they hunt a feed on other monkeys…I guess the caged people weren’t encouraged to do that 🙂

    • SmoledMan

      Sorry but we’re humans, not chimps. I don’t buy this notion of we have to eat like another species.

      • Spectra

        Yeah, I think the gist of the experiment was to see how people did on a very, very primitive diet. I don’t think they were intending for people to take it literally. It was just sort of an entertaining experiment to see what happens when people eat nothing but healthy stuff for a while.

  4. Sue

    Cute idea, but be careful not to take it too literally. A cow’s digestive system can breakdown insoluble fibers (I’m pretty sure this is how to goes) that human’s can’t and thereby are able to absorb protein that is trapped in intricate plant fiber structures, the same protein that goes throughout the entire human digestive system and comes out the other end (sorry!) unused because it’s still trapped in the insoluble fiber.

    As for eating with our herd. Maybe, maybe not. Sad to say, but my extended herd definitely doesn’t instill healthy eating habits in anyone. 🙂 After almost 20 year of eating in the Zone , my extended family still makes derogatory cracks about my healthy food choices at family gatherings (it’s more like their comments poke fun at me for what I chose not to eat). Maybe I should start telling them to eat like a cow! 🙂

    • Ted Kallmyer

      It amazes me how families can be the least supportive….Yes! give them the book Christmas this year 🙂