Amy’s Frozen Light and Lean Meals Dissected

By Nicole German (RD, LD)

amys-light-lean-mealsAmy’s Kitchen introduced some new healthier frozen meals on store shelves recently.

This new variety is called “light and lean” for the lower calorie level.

We liked her burritos, so is this finally a healthy frozen meal option?

Healthy Positives

  • No added MSG
  • Trans fat free
  • No preservatives
  • Organic ingredients
  • Some gluten free and vegan options
  • Complete protein vegetarian meals
  • Kosher
  • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms) used
  • Less than 600 mg sodium per entrée
  • Less than 300 calories per entrée

Not Many Negatives

There are not many drawbacks to choosing these light and lean Amy’s meals. The only negative is that if you are trying to watch your sodium levels, it would be hard to keep low. Most meals are, on average, 550 mg.

Watch out for plastic packaging as well. When we microwave food, it is possible that toxins can leach into the food. To be safe, remove the frozen food from the packaging and heat on a ceramic or glass plate. Or, look for the package to say it is BPA free.

Varieties of Amy’s Meals

  • 3 Cheese Penne Bowl: 270 calories
  • Bean & Cheese Burrito or Enchilada: 280 calories
  • Cheese Pizza: 270 calories
  • Italian Vegetable Pizza: 280 calories
  • Pasta & Veggies: 210 calories
  • Roasted Polenta: 140 calories
  • Soft Taco Fiesta: 220 calories
  • Spaghetti Italiano Bowl: 240 calories
  • Spinach Lasagna: 250 calories
  • Sweet & Sour Bowl: 250 calories

These meals are perfect if you are watching your calorie intake, but need something quickly (or a back-up meal!). If you feel these meals are not filling enough, try adding a side fruit or vegetable, or even a side of beans or lentils for more protein.

Another idea would be to re-create these meals at home from scratch. You can make multiple servings, and then re-heat for lunches or dinner.

Have you tried Amy’s frozen meals?


  1. Patrice

    Yes, they are a little more expensive than the other brands of “diet” frozen entrees, but, you get more in the package and they are excellent. I’ve had several of them and never been disappointed in the quality.

  2. Ben

    I think the best food to eat is raw or semi-processed food. It is really hard to find good frozen food from the shelves. For a quick meal replacement occasionally, it works great. However to depend on frozen food for long term, I think is not a wise decision.

    Is better to cook your own food. Fresh and nutritious. 🙂

    • Jim F.

      I suspect that most people know that – but food choices are often about convenience over price. On a recent trip to Britain I was amazed at the amount of pre-packaged foods lining the shelves, and how many people would load up their trolleys with them.

      Processed food isn’t going away anytime soon.

  3. Gregory Brawn

    It is really hard to find frozen meals that are healthy to eat. I actually prefer to cook all of my own meals especially since I have a teenager in the house. But, when I need something quick when I’m in a hurry, these would be perfect. There is a store in my area that carries them and I cannot wait to try them.

  4. Spectra

    I can’t see many drawbacks to them, but I do wonder how much they cost. I’d probably buy them instead of Lean Cuisines or Healthy Choice, but I’d probably have a salad with them to fill out the portion size a bit.

  5. Dan

    It is ironic you mention Amy’s. The other day when I went to the Publix supermarket I looked at Amy’s to see if there were any Vegan frozen dinners. Most of these have meat. Lo and behold, Amy’s did have them. They are a little pricy, but I might try one once.

  6. Lily

    I love Amy’s products for a quick lunch or dinner! Looking forward to trying the lighter line! Thanks for the post!

  7. O.

    I’m a big fan of Amy’s. Haven’t tried the light line yet, but what I have had is really good.